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A B.Ed Regular course in Ghaziabad for Preparing Well-Trained Teachers in Uttar Pradesh


In the competitive world today, taking up teaching as a dedicated full-time profession is a no longer a challenging decision. Education industry in India has evolved tremendously in the past one decade with both the Indian government and the private sector having invested lots on money in this sector. As a result lots of premium quality schools and colleges have come into being thereby elevating the standard of education in India. At the backend, lots of reputed institutes have also got themselves accreditation for providing certified B.Ed and M.Ed courses. For FY 2018-19, there has been an increase by 14% in allocation of funds for school education by the Union Ministry. In Uttar Pradesh itself, it is projected that about 5000 state run English medium primary schools will be opened in the next academic year. These figures show that there is a growing demand for well qualified and trained teachers which is why the institute providing B.Ed regular course in Ghaziabad has been like a boon for the community. With increased flow of funds, modern methods of teaching has been adopted with latest technological gadgets and technical know-how a part of the B.Ed curriculum now.

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More and more number of students having completed their specialization in particular subjects at the graduation level are now moving towards taking admission for B.Ed courses. For the residents of Ghaziabad and places nearby, the setting up of an institute providing B.Ed regular course in Ghaziabad has opened doors for lots of such eager candidates who wanted to get into teaching full-time but the lack of good institute nearby was not letting them do so.

The other good part of all this changing trends of the education industry is that the government is encouraging institutes to adopt e-learning and m-learning techniques thereby providing equal opportunity to those students wanting to pursue correspondence B.Ed course in Vaishali to accomplish their dreams too.

For all aspiring candidates for a B.Ed regular course in Ghaziabad, the following core areas need to prepared for appearing for the U.P. B.Ed entrance examinations:-

  1. English grammar, diction and language
  2. General knowledge and current affairs
  3. Teaching aptitude – this topic covers lots of questions on child psychology, intelligence, analytical skills and modern teaching methods
  4. Subject centric test – this one focuses primarily on the area of specialization of the student.

One good way for preparing for this test is to go through the previous year’s question papers. Also important is to read proficiently as much as possible on all the topics above. As advised by experts, the best way to get around solving the entrance paper is to start with the topic that one is most comfortable with. One needs to study and read a lot.

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Once the three year regular B.Ed course is done, candidates wishing to gain further knowledge of teaching methods and functionalities can take up the M.Ed course. With the M.Ed courses in Ghaziabad available now on regular and correspondence basis, it should be a convenient decision.

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