Key Reasons to Choose a Parcel Courier Service Over Regular Mail

Parcel courier services are always better compared to regular mail services. A lot of people now consider using them to deliver their parcels, whether locally or internationally.

There are different reasons why you would want to use parcel courier services. This article will take you through the reasons why those services should be used as opposed to regular mail services.

  1. Security

Security is one of the main concerns of individuals using mail service. They want to ensure that their parcels reach appropriately. Parcel courier services ensure that the parcel is reached to the recipient in the safest and secure manner. The chances that your parcel gets damaged during the delivery process are extremely low (in fact negligible). There is no need for the customers to worry about safety and security of their parcel.

  • Speed

One of the considerations that customers are often worried about in parcel delivery is speed. They want their parcels to reach other place in the fastest manner possible. Courier services can be used to ensure that the parcel reaches the destination efficiently and quickly. The courier takes the responsibility to deliver the items to the drop off point. This means that there is no need to waste time in post office waiting in the queues.

  • Ease to use

A lot of people often ask the question regarding how to send a parcel. With courier services, things are much easier. The service company will provide you with clear instructions that can be followed to send a parcel. It is one of the easiest things to use.

  • Affordability

One of the things that you would think while sending the parcel is its affordability. A lot of standard delivery services are really expensive. They charge fees along with delivery charges. State taxes are added on this. Shipping charges can often be expensive. However, this is not the case with quality courier services. These services are extremely affordable which means that you do not have to worry about your pockets being burdened.

  • Availability

Courier companies are available at all times to deliver during the day. They will be able to deliver the parcel anywhere and at any time. You can just step into the right customer center, get your parcel packed in their dedicated packages and get it sent to your desired destination. Standard services have certain times in which you can visit them. This is not the case with quality courier services.

  • Same day delivery

Emergencies are certain. There would be times when you would want to send packages to the recipient on the same. This is one possible with parcel courier services. They will deliver the parcel on the very same day. This is the level of convenience being offered by them.

  • Customer service

This is the final most important benefit. The customer service provided by parcel courier services is remarkable. It will ensure that the customers leave their centers completely satisfied.


Outsourcing: Pros, Cons, and The Best Choice

Let us consider all the merits and demerits of professional IT outsourcing. Note that before deciding to delegate the main IT functions to a separate team, a leader must estimate pluses and minuses from all sides. According to the Helpware company’s info, the majority of managers treat outsourcing positively and think that its main disadvantages are far-fetched or insignificant.

Minuses of Outsourcing That Seem Frightening

Giving away the IT-sphere to an Outsourcing Team seems to be the total loss of control. According to the statistics of the Helpware solutions, top managers of their firms are not interested or cannot fully control the IT department. As a rule, it is a pretty closed company of creators that gives away solutions. It does not require much quality control, as the final product can be tested and polished with ease.

Helpware gives the decent second place to the fear of confidentiality loss. Indeed, IT outsourcing deals with lots of intellectual property. The number of competitors willing to steal it is significant. However, this apprehension is destroyed by the legal and financial responsibility of the outsourcer. It does not matter what you choose to outsource, the Customer Support or the Taskware pool. Experienced companies like Helpware will sign lots of agreements to make you feel safe. Do not forget that reputation plays a top role for every outsourcing agency.

The third fear concerns dependency from an outsourcing company. We mean that you are left with a product your team does not know at the end of the collaboration. Such companies as Helpware work with your tasks, collaborate with your IT team, teach, and involve them in the process. The main task is not making your job done but creating something like a Microtasking Platform for your team to use in the future.

Advantages of Outsourcing in the IT Sphere

It is up to you to choose what you are looking for from outsourcing. Here, we will provide you with some general reasons to make a try:

  • Stats show that outsourcing decreases IT expenses significantly. In crude terms, you do not need to rent an office and pay a salary to a significant number of people.
  • A manager gets a transparent scheme of IT expenses.
  • Professionals know what to do exactly for you. The resources of your company do not get scattered.
  • Experts record the overall increase of Back Office Support. Thinking about the quality of the personnel is not your problem anymore.
  • Finally, we have already mentioned strict financial and legal responsibility in case you choose an excellent outsourcer.

Again, the final decision is yours. However, with such companies as Helpware, IT outsourcing has become a handy and affordable option.


Tax Calculations You Can Depend On At the Moment

Monetary collections relating to service provision activities carried out before the first day of the month in which it then becomes subject to VAT, are not obliged to be subject to tax, even if these collections took place after the changeover.

To be able to enter VAT on your invoices, you must have an intra-community VAT number, which can be given to you by the Company Tax Service to which it is subject.

Specific regime for lawyers, authors and performers

If you exercise a regulated activity as a lawyer, author, performer, you benefit from a different franchise. In fact, maintaining the franchise the year following the exceeding of the limit does not apply to these regulated activities.

Regarding the regulated activities of lawyers as well as for the profits of authors and performers, the franchise no longer applies from the first day of the month in which the threshold is exceeded, but only when the income is greater than 52,800 €.

There is no impact on the franchise for regulated activities when the lawyers’ income limit (€ 21,300) is exceeded. Using the 1099 tax calculator comes useful.

Return to normal diet

This only concerns companies subject to VAT and whose CAHT is greater than:

  • € 238,000 for service provision activities.
  • € 789,000 for trade, supply and sale of food to be consumed on site.

If your company has a HVAC which is included in the threshold for the simplified tax regime and declares more than € 15,000 in VAT per year, it is therefore affected by this regime.

The companies concerned by the real normal regime, for their part, declare monthly the VAT which is required during the period of the previous month. They must pay VAT directly online, at the same time as their account or through a service provider.

The exemption from VAT makes it possible to offer competitive and advantageous prices . However, if your customers are in fact businesses, you should offer lower rates than your competitors’ pre-tax prices. Remember that businesses are subject to VAT and therefore, can get a deduction on anything charged to them.

No deduction of VAT paid

Once a self-employed person is subject to VAT, he pays back to the state all taxes that have been collected on the invoices. However, the entrepreneur can decide to decrease the amount that must be paid to the State by subtracting all the VAT that he has already paid when he made purchases for his business (electricity, purchases of raw materials, etc. ).

If you buy raw material products, you cannot collect or pay VAT. If you are in a business that requires the purchase of raw material or item for the purpose of resale, it is essential that you sell your products for considerably more than they cost. You can prefer countries where VAT has a lower rate.

Possibility of waiving the VAT exemption

In the event that your activity needs investments and you want to invoice or recover VAT, you can waive the VAT exemption. You can renounce it at any time, simply by sending a letter to the Public Treasury. The waiver becomes effective on the first day of the month in which it is sent.


Tax Declaration of results of companies under the simplified real regime

The individual companies must sign a declaration of industrial and commercial profits (BIC) No 2031 accompanied by the attached tables No. 2033 A to 2033 G. The individual entrepreneur then reports the results of his tax return 2042.

Companies having opted for the partnership regime must subscribe a declaration of industrial and commercial profits (BIC) n ° 2031 accompanied by appended tables n ° 2033 A to 2033 G. Each partner then transfers his share of the result to his tax return n ° 2042.

Companies subject to corporation tax must submit an annual declaration n ° 2065 accompanied by annex tables n ° 2033 A to 2033 G.

New business option for the real simplified regime

The option is exercised on the creation form (P0, P EIRL or M0 form depending on the case) and can be modified at the latest until the date of filing of the first declaration of results. For more information: tax options when starting a business.

Switching from the micro regime to the real simplified regime

First of all, a company with a micro regime can opt for the real simplified tax regime. It must be made before 1st February of the first year for which companies wish to be placed under the tax system. This same company can continue to be exempt from VAT on condition that it respects the turnover thresholds. Use the taxfyle’s tax calculator to find out the right solutions.

  • The option for a real tax system is valid for one year and tacitly renewed each year for one year. For options exercised or renewed before this date, the option is valid for two years.
  • Then, if a company exempt from VAT opts for the payment of VAT, it is automatically excluded from the micro regime from the year following that of the VAT liability.
  • Finally, when the company broke through the application of the micro regime thresholds, it automatically switches to the tax scheme at 1 st January of the year following the overrun.

Switch from the real simplified regime to the real normal regime

Companies falling under the real simplified regime can opt for the real normal regime. The option must be made by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the tax service before the 1st February of the desired application year of normal real regime. The option is valid for the current year and the following year, and is tacitly renewable for 2 years.

Accounting obligations of companies under the real simplified regime

Companies with a real simplified tax system must keep regular, honest accounts and supported by supporting documents. They must keep a journal, an inventory book and a ledger, carry out an inventory once a year, and draw up annual accounts (balance sheet, income statement and appendices).

However, these companies have the possibility of choosing to hold a cash accounting during the year, and of not recognizing receivables and payables until the end of the financial year.


Know the Mutual Fund Investment Procedure

Many of us want to invest in mutual funds. Most of them don’t understand how to invest in funds properly. Fund choice needs an in-depth evaluation and study. Funds generate substantial earnings. If an individual wish to begin investing, a lot of research should be done. First, he should decide on the amount of his savings. Then he should choose the schemes according to the investment. Some other variables are also crucial for choice, along with the investment amount.

Fund Investment Procedure: You can get information from a broker. The broker provides data on the different plans and schemes. The broker may be concerned about cash. He alone can praise a specific scheme. So, cross-checking is, therefore, essential. Start the application process after cross-checking is completed. It is vital to select the plan and number of units. Receive and fill out an application form from the broker after the selection phase. Enter the information correctly. Details of the address and bank account are very crucial.

You need to be extra cautious because it’s a money industry. Since on the grounds of the data provided, all checks and cash transactions are made. Give a check or transfer the cash to purchase units. You will obtain a declaration after the units have been allocated. This declaration includes information about the plan and unit number. From the declaration, you can verify it. Next step is the application form online. You can fill in the online application form after choosing the fund. The transaction can also take place online.

Look at the procedure that make your investment online trouble-free. 

Easy Customer On-boarding: All you need to do is complete your KYC process and register your e-mail address to create your username and password before you begin investing in your chosen funds online.

Family Solution Tool: With our Family Solution Tool, you can plan your investments and maximize your yields so that you can achieve your family members ‘ dreams and objectives financially.

Banking transactions: You can now complete online banking transactions such as investing in a plan of your preference, switching your investments from one plan to another or redeeming your investments from a specific plan; in just a few clicks.

Keep comparing Funds: Keep track of fund results and compare funds to see the change in their NAVs over time so that you can make informed choices about your investments in distinct fund classifications.

Online Conversation: You can chat with a specialist online for any assistance, who will answer questions and help you in making sure your direct mutual funds onlines investment method is trouble-free and convenient.

Generate watch lists and alert notifications: if you want to manage your investments efficiently and effectively on the basis of a sound understanding of the market, the online portal allows you to build watch lists to keep a close track of your selected funds and also set alert notifications so that the information you need and want is always available.


Post Free Ads To Increase The Traffic Of Your Product Or Services

Using classifieds websites are into the trends nowadays for most of the businesses dealing with certain product or service. You can post all kinds of ads for your further benefits and you can do it by selecting a suitable category. If you have a garment business or selling infant items for your customers, these ads can help you to promote them in their respective market. You can post all kinds of ads on these websites, especially, if these are related to buy, sell or trade any kind of products from their large assortments. Some business owners face difficulties when promoting their product or services but they can use their websites because these enable lots of benefits to them as well as to their customers.

You can advertise your business without any kind of investment

If you are looking forward to post free ads in these classifieds websites then it is a great way for your business. You can find various websites which are accepting lots of ads related to your business and all of these are free of cost. You can put your business information ahead to your customers so that they can be able to know well about you and your business further can use them as per their needs.

Ability to contain images of the specific product

Text ads are less powerful as compare to those who contain images. Images have lots of visual benefits and they can drag the maximum attention of individuals. Hence, you can also post the images to drag huge attention with certain information of your business. These images can help your customers to know well about your business and it will help them to pick their suitable match.

You can also post free ads in a specific market by using suitable category or subcategory. By doing so, you can post your ads in a certain category and it will help you to target it to the right kind of customers who are looking to fulfill their requirements. The ads posted on these websites are also helpful to get a quick reply from your prospect customers where they will be able to ask you about your product details as well as you can also get the feedbacks about your product. Based on these replies you can increase the sale of your specific product or service as well as you can also check the list of competitors which will help you to compete with them in an appropriate ways.


Get Bitcoins wallet for free – an introduction to Bitcoin wallet faucets?

As the name itself, Bitcoin faucets are like taps of bitcoins waiting for you to fetch and make a bucket of it. Bitcoin faucets are websites or apps that give out free bitcoins as a reward for users to claim. They can be a game or a simple task or activity that needs to be performed and done by the guest. Some of them requires you to sign up for a news letter, view advertisements or play simple games and give you free bitcoins in return.

How much can you earn?

The rewards given are only fractions of a bitcoin called ‘satoshis’. Satoshi is named after the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. 1 satoshi is equal to 0.00000001 BTC. These are not much to be a way of earning money but the best thing is they are totally free. It will probably take you days or even months to make 1 BTC depending on the tasks faucets give for you to perform. So in order for you to earn bitcoins  wallet without giving much time, look for faucets that offers things you really do. This way, you do not have to give the best of your effort just to earn cents. Earning a bit while doing your thing will not really hurt.

There are also websites that offer referral system. Existing users will get a pro rated portion of the earnings of the users they referred to the BTC faucet. So get into these websites and invite friends so you earn more.

Why bitcoin faucets exist?

Bitcoin faucets are a way to promote bitcoins to new users. If you want to try bitcoins wallet but hesitant to spend your real money for it, then  best bitcoin faucet  are for you. Bitcoin faucets give away free bitcoins and so, more and more people will be enticed to understand and try using bitcoins. Bitcoin faucets therefore play an important role in the BTC ecosystem.

What do faucets get in return?

Bitcoin faucets are mostly websites. They take advantage in promoting bitcoins as a way to get people visit their website. They earn money through advertisements posted in their websites. Advertising costs are calculated through CPM or Cost per Thousand impression. It means more traffic earns them more money. Since they give bitcoins for free, it gets more people to come back to their site every day.

Where can I find a bitcoin faucet?

There are a lot of bitcoin faucets in the internet. You can search through Google or any search engine by typing ” bitcoin faucets” and it will give you a list of hundreds of websites that give bitcoins for free. Also, you can download BTC faucet apps for easy access on your mobile phones. Bitcoineverything has done the job for you by creating an interactive list of the most high quality Bitcoin faucets here.

How to use Bitcoin wallet faucet?

Some faucets will not require you to do anything. Just stay on their webpage for a little amount of time and you claim your reward. Some will have you to play games or do simple tasks. Once you are on the faucet site or app, you enter your bitcoin address or your email id for Xapo wallet. Then, hit the claim button after the counter stops or you finish the task or game. Bitcoin faucets have time intervals between claims for each user so you do not stay long and get all the available bitcoins. If you also want another good alternative to bitcoin faucets, you can try this bitcoin bomberman game for free. Or if you are the gambling type, be sure to checkout our in-depth bitcoin casinos reviews.

The rise of Bitcoin faucets has been imminent since the early days of Bitcoin in 2012 and it has been fully integrated this 2018. Who knows what will happen since we face a new era of Bitcoins this 2016.


Picking the right accountant for your business needs

Your business has reached a point where you need an accountant. This is one of the best decisions that you can make. An accountant will ensure that your books are well kept and most importantly, you can get regular financial reports that will enable you to implement ideal growth strategies. An accountant will also help you in filing tax returns, something that has led to many companies losing a lot of money in penalties due to errors throughout the filing process.

However, getting the right accountant is not easy, especially when you have so many in the market today. This article seeks to guide you on picking the perfect one.

Consider the location

Previously, many companies used to hire accountants who were based on the company premises. However, today many companies prefer engaging the accountant online using cloud-based technology. Thus, location is no longer an issue for many companies; cloud accounting has made it possible for one to view the data real-time. The most important thing is to understand is what suits your company best. You may opt for communication via email with your accountant, or video-conferencing and such. This would save time and reduce the cost, compared to hiring someone in an office as a full-time employee. Again, you may need someone who you will be meeting face-to-face for consultations. The most important thing is to find out who would be appropriate for the nature of your business.

Look for someone with relevant experience

Just like in many other professions, accounting has very many lines of pursuit; there are those with expertise in tax returns, financial documents and such. Depending on the size of your marketing business, you need to get someone with good experience in what you’re interested in. For instance, a small business would need someone who is an expert in general accounting and financial services like Oculus Group . This would ensure that as an owner of a business, the person you choose has knowledge of the basics and the important things that can make or break your business.

Choose a certified accountant

In almost all countries, accountants are regulated by professional bodies. The work of these bodies is to maintain a high professional standard and to look after the qualifications of the individual professionals. Depending on where you are, an accountant can be chartered or a certified accountant. This is someone who has gone through the accounting curriculum passed the different tests and has been confirmed to work as an accountant in both the private and public sector. Thus, when looking for one, you need to ask for credentials that show proof of the same. Beware of those who would want to lure you with low charges to cover up their ineffectiveness, they could be risky and if any problem arises, you’ve nowhere to seek refuge.


Ideally, you are looking for a good professional who is well qualified and most importantly, someone whose services are affordable. As the adage goes, “get what you pay for”; the more costly the accountant, the better their services. However, you should look for someone who is within your budget- do your research; look for an experienced person whose charges are affordable.

Choosing an accountant is not as easy as you may think. You need to take time, get referrals from friends and relative and scrutinize them before you hire. Click here to explore the Oculus accountants difference, not just a name.


Gateway: How can You Use it in Business

 Your business needs different things in the present time to shine, stay smooth and effective. You have to introduce new tools in your organization so as to make sure that your business progresses at a steady pace.

You can use the Best sms gateway India and the tool would help you smoothen your working and strengthen your business. You would agree that in this day and era; both electronic and print media have turned out to be the primary means of communication and are growingly attaining importance with the passage of time. However, a mass of businesspersons these days are concentrated on SMS Services, because of the lesser costs that it entails. SMS Gateway is much more preferred these days & has surpassed the effective medium of communication.

SMS Gateway is a multipurpose way to send SMS to a mass of people with or without a mobile phone. The mobile user base all over the universe is magnificently increasing with each passing day. Everyone tends to exploit the strength and power of SMS. Today it is all easy to send different text messages directly to an application or any website. To send SMS, it is worthy the recommendation to make use of a reliable SMS gateway. When you plan to choose a Bulk SMS Gateway, it is vital to pick one that is guaranteed to produce maximum revenue streams that are convenient to access and cater prompt message delivery all over the world. It would not be wrong to say that bulk SMS gateways look like changing the mode of communication drastically worldwide.

Moreover, SMS Gateway is coupled with a range of advantages in addition to keeping the system provider somewhat fence sitter. It helps in giving access to one seller of SMS services while improving the fault tolerance and does least Cost Routing. It also does amazing wonders in dealing with the price and facilitates following the alternatives according to the demand.

In simple words, SMS Gateway is dedicated to develop and do delivery of text messaging solutions for businesses.  With these tools you can enjoy a seamless international network.  the innovative software of these tools help you in sending customized bulk SMS to your overall group with only a single click thus catering cutting-edge solutions for sending SMS to your groups all over the world via a variety of networks gateway. The chief goal of any business is to cater bang-up customer service, so that they stay contented and trustworthy to the company in the long term.   You can do it all in the realm of sms gateway options.

The only thing you have to be careful about is the authenticity and effectivity of a provider. You can look for a bulk sms gateway provider who is effective, professional and budget friendly only if you do proper research before finalizing one. Do research and pick one that is effective and reliable.  What is the point if you invest in the wrong service provider? It would be rather harmful than reaping any benefits.


So, when you have the chance to add up worth, effectivity and professionalism in your working; do it!



3 Easy Ways to Capture Better Photos That Look Impressive

Good photography requires skill and experience – both of which take time to acquire. That being said even professional photographers had to start somewhere, and there are lots of ways that you could start to capture better photos relatively quickly.

In particular if you’d like some easy methods to capture more impressive-looking photos, there are a few that you could try:

  • Use the rule of thirds to place the subject off-center

Placing the subject off-center will improve the visual impact of the composition, and generally looks more impressive. The easiest composition technique to use to do that is the rule of thirds.

All you need to do is turn on the grid feature on your camera and align the subject using the left or right gridline and intersection points. If possible try to line up the other elements as well, so that your photo looks more balanced.

  • Get up close and fill the frame

Another way to create photos with impressive composition is to get really close to the subject and fill the frame with them. Not only will such photos look unique, but you can reveal relatively obscure details by getting that close.

Just remember that you should always get physically closer to the subject and not use the digital zoom on your camera instead. It will affect the photo quality – which is the last thing that you want.

  • Make sure there is plenty of soft light

Lighting conditions will play a huge role in how your photos turn out and in most cases you will want to ensure there is lots of soft light present. Simply put the light should be diffused and evenly spread, without excessively bright spots or hard shadows.

Using natural light is a good option, and if you’re indoors try to find a location that is near a large window or doorway. On the other hand if you’re outdoors it can be more difficult, but the golden hour is known for its excellent lighting conditions.

As much as these techniques can help, if you really want to make your photos look impressive you need to be able to edit them as well. In short you should get a user-friendly photo editing software for Mac or PC and start to familiarize yourself with it. For example you could try Movavi Photo Editor for Mac.

If you try the ways listed above, you should immediately see how much more impressive your photos look with their help. On top of that if you can touch up your photos and make adjustments by editing them – you should be able to really come up with photos that stand out and look amazing.