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Seven Unsung Trouser Styles


If you’re a man, it’s easy to stick to tried-and-trusted trouser styles, such as a favourite pair of jeans. But it’s worth venturing out of your trouser comfort zone to see what else might suit you. Here are seven unsung trouser styles.


You don’t have to be a scholarly type to rock the corduroy look, and if styled correctly, corduroy trousers can actually look very flattering. According to Gentleman’s Gazette, corduroy is soft and durable, is easy to maintain and clean and keeps its shape relatively well. Mix dark corduroy trousers with a trendy sweatshirt and leather pumps and you’ve got the look sorted.

Slimline Joggers

The athleisure trend is still holding on strong, so if you haven’t yet graced your wardrobe with a pair of slimline joggers, now is the time to make this happen. You don’t need to be a sporty type to own these, as slimline joggers can be worn casually for any informal occasion. Stick to quality brands and team your joggers with a logo t-shirt or sweatshirt.

Cargo Pants

Cargo trousers are often overlooked, as mistakes are easily made when styling this look. Stick to slimline tailored trousers, and don’t be tempted to fill the pockets just because they’re there. Khaki green, navy and black are safe colours to choose and mix well with other items.

Twill Chinos

This traditional heavyweight cotton material makes for an excellent casual style of trousers that shouldn’t be dismissed. Twill chinos are very hard-wearing and durable, so they’re the kind of pants that will get plenty of use.

Relaxed-Legged Trousers

We’ve said goodbye to the skinny-jean trend and have happily welcomed back relaxed-legged trousers into the fold. Offering more legroom than their skinny counterparts, this trouser is best teamed with a fitted top to hit the fashion nail on the head. Choose good-quality mens designer clothes, such as those from EJ Menswear, to rock this look.

Wool Trousers

The beauty of wool trousers is that they’ll keep you warm in winter, but they can also be mixed with a tailored top for a smart appearance or a pair of pumps for a dressed-down look.

Cropped Trousers

Ideal for formal or informal scenarios, cropped trousers can look ultra-stylish, but getting the length spot-on is critical. Aim for three to four inches above the ankle, and go for a tailored pair of trousers. Learn more about different types of dressing ideas and trends including Shirts, Pants trousers as well as blouses, on this website: www.xmontres.biz

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