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Top Features of Expertly Designed Cargo Management Systems


Professionally created freight management systems perform effectively and efficiently. Typical characteristics of cargo boxes for pickup trucks include;

Movement Meets March

Owners of pickup trucks create cargo bins for other owners of pickup trucks.  A typical issue with pickup trucks is how to keep all the goods from shifting for simple access and retrieval, as well as how to swiftly change the truck bed for any application. This problem has been solved by the newly patented design of expert cargo management systems.  The best part is that this equipment is skillfully built in the USA.

No Shift

While moving, the cargo boxes under the tonneau cover lock into place.  You may secure cargo within LIBERATORTM and TRANSFORMER® cargo boxes using the adjustable hook and loop straps.

Additionally, the lockable lid of the Unruli DEFENDER® goods Box secures critical goods for businesses.

The Groceries Stay Put

On the journey home from the grocery shop, the groceries will remain where they are. Any of the 6 built-in hooks on the foldable transformer box can be used to hang plastic bags. The straps in the transformer and liberator boxes hold the contents of the box in place. Do you need to unload or load in the dark? Through cargo management systems, the built-in LED light will enable companies to see their cargo even when it’s dark.

Locks In Place

Whether it is slid back in or pull it out, the cargo box firmly secures in the bed where it is needed. In order to facilitate over-the-road transportation, the cargo can tilt toward the tailgate’s edge or within the tailgate, beneath the tonneau cover.

A Million Uses

Their pickup truck bed swiftly transforms from a slide-out cargo box to an empty truck bed, depending on what they need to move.

Simply fold the box to each side when using the foldable transformer box. To remove the box with the liberator box or conventional defender box, detach the U-bolts that are fastened to either side of the box.

The entire pickup bed is available to haul any large-size cargo after the TRANSFORMER Box, LIBERATOR, or Unruli DEFENDER Box has been folded, unlocked, and removed.

Warranty Information

For the original purchaser and only for the vehicle they were installed in, Reliable Engineered Products promises that its products will be free from any flaws in workmanship and material. Reliable Engineered Products provide a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer and design flaws when used normally. Normal use of the product excludes it from warranty replacement or refund eligibility.

Product misuse, faulty installation, vehicle accidents, product alterations, poor repairs, chemical contamination spills, vandalism, or any other product neglect are not covered by the limited lifetime warranty. Any warranty replacements require a copy of the original receipt.

Any damage arising from product misuse, improper installation, product modifications, chemical contamination spills, poor repairs, vandalism, vehicle accidents, or any product is not covered by the limited lifetime guarantee.

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