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3 Benefits Of Getting Yourself a Professional Headshot In The UK.


There are many special and unique times in our lives when a memory is not good enough and a picture needs to be taken of the happy event. As they say, a picture paints a thousand words and being able to look at a photograph and reflect about it in 10 to 15 years time is a great luxury. It might be your child’s christening, the marriage of your daughter, or your kid’s graduation. Whatever it is, it needs to be captured for posterity. There are also occasions when a headshot is required and it is generally relates to your career. You have numerous photographs of other occasions, so why not get a picture that might help your career.

There are specialist shops that provide headshot photography in Nottingham and a professional headshot can help your career in many ways. Here are some of the benefits of a headshot.

  1. It introduces your prospective new employer to you and it is your way of saying hello. It’s all about presentation and as they say, first impressions last and a good headshot will keep you in their thoughts.
  2. A headshot can say a lot about you even before the person looking at it meets you for the first time. At the right angle, it shows your personality and if you look into some one’s eyes even in a photo, you get a pretty good idea of the type of person they are.
  3. Just taking a photo on your phone and sending that along with your resume shows a lack of preparation on your part and a lack of professionalism as well.

A headshot can be the difference between getting that first interview to get a foot in the door and your application being put in the bin.









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