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Shopping all favorite beauty & skincare products, tools, and materials at one stop is attractive. Today’s businesses are moving with this idea. It is attractive because it offers ease and comfort to everyone. With this opportunity in hands, customers don’t need to search or visit various locations for different products. Sephora store is a beauty collection point where each and everything is present at highly discounted prices. However, the customers would require a Sephora Code (see the for shopping at discounted prices. Visiting this online beauty store enables customers to find great quality local and international beauty brands. 

A Hub of Everyday Beauty Materials:

Women in KSA have minimum rights especially when it comes to moving freely outside the home. They have certain limitations and they need special services such as online delivery and shopping to continue with the normal routine. In presence of online beauty stores, there is no need to think about cultural practices. You can easily discover the top materials for everyday skincare routine without any problem. Add this everyday skincare, beauty, and personal care products to the shopping cart and apply Sephora Code for immediate savings. 

Regular Updates on New Beauty Brands:

Sephora keeps the customers in broad daylight. You would not miss anything beneficial at this store. There are multiple sections of the online stores and each serves a specific purpose. For example, the category of “New Arrivals” or “New Collections” is useful to get recently added products and brands. There are thousands of beauty manufacturers and companies. Keeping track of their new products is a challenging task. However, ladies can learn about new collections and deals immediately when they visit this online store. This would be the first thing you will see after opening the window. 

Beauty Tips and Suggestions:

Selling the products for profits is not the only purpose here. Leading beauty stores such as Sephora are focusing on “Customer Care” services. This is a necessary facility that encourages the customer to continue shopping here. There is a Team assisting the buyers about new beauty trends, practices and more. They also update the customers on how they can save money while buying the necessary beauty materials. Join the blog right now to get recent updates and news on regular basis. 

Expert’s Opinions and Reviews:

This is what you will not find anywhere in the world. This is an absolutely helpful service for the online buyers. Beauty stores such as Sephora regularly invite the beauty experts for their valuable feedbacks and tips on different topics. For example, they share stories about taking care of skin in the cold or hot seasons. Finding more interesting topics is very easy in this environment. You can leave questions so the relevant experts will answer them. 

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What are the reasons for this? Actually, this is an online portal with reliable information on discounts, deals, coupons and more. This is just like lifeline for the buyers who feel limited due to lack of budgets. Grab the Sephora Code from this platform and start buying the skincare, personal care and body care products right now.


Home Buying: Monthly Payments Don’t Tell the Whole Story

You are looking to buy a new home. You set up a meeting with a real estate broker to get the ball rolling. One of the questions you are likely to be asked is how much you can afford to spend. For some people, that question immediately leads to thoughts of monthly mortgage payments and taxes. Others think along the lines of sale price.

Monthly mortgage payments are often used as a measure of affordability because they are fairly easy to calculate. A real estate agent only needs to estimate the sale price, factor for the client’s down payment, and then calculate a 30-year mortgage based on prevailing interest rates. In under a minute he or she can know what his/her client will likely pay per month.

Measuring affordability by looking at monthly mortgage payments is certainly valid. But mortgage payments do not tell the whole story. They only give buyers a snapshot of one aspect of purchasing a new home. There are plenty of other things to look at – both financial and non-financial.

Affordability and Home Prices

Affordability as defined by monthly mortgage payments accounts for three primary factors: purchase price, down payment, and interest rates. Of the three, the purchase price is the greatest influence. It goes without saying that your monthly mortgage payment will be higher the more you spend.

It is interesting to note that average mortgage payments have fallen considerably in some parts of the country. For example, recently released research shows that Los Angeles residents are paying an average of $171 less in mortgage payments today as compared to what they were paying in 2016. Other cities boasting lower mortgage payments include Denver, Dallas, Charlotte, and Houston.

Average mortgage payments have gone up in other cities. Among the highest is Salt Lake City, Utah, where homeowners are paying $418 more today than they were in 2016. Other expensive cities include Washington DC, Seattle, Phoenix, and Orlando.

Interest rates are at historically low levels around the country and are expected to remain there for some time. So why the disparity? It boils down to sale price. Salt Lake City has higher monthly mortgage payments because homes cost more. And according to CityHome Collective, homes cost more because the area’s economy is strong. There are jobs to be had as companies move into the area.

On the other hand, Southern California is losing residents. Local economics are not as strong thanks to the rise of remote work and tech jobs leaving the area. LA’s weaker economy is pushing home prices down.

Overpaying for a House

The disparity in home prices raises an alarming question: are some buyers overpaying for new homes? The same research that showed some markets having higher monthly mortgage payments than others also warns that a 10% increase in sale prices could easily price out the average buyer.

It seems as though housing prices have risen abnormally fast in the last few years. Given that housing is a supply and demand business, it is reasonable to assume the robust economy of the last four years is a big reason for rising prices. But could we be headed for another bubble and crash?

Any such potential dictates that buyers and real estate brokers exercise caution. Just because monthly mortgage payments may be falling in some areas, buyers should not necessarily be overpaying for homes. Doing so puts them at risk of being underwater in the event of a major downturn.

Monthly mortgage payments do not tell the whole story. They should not be the primary gauge of whether or not buyers should purchase a particular home.


Get Fun Christmas Gifts For Wife With Nano Jewelry

Christmas isaround the corner, many of us are busy planning about it and saving money for the beautiful festival. This festival is all about love, care, and harmony. People give gifts to each other as a symbol of gratitude. If you are planning for a gift for your wife as well, then Nano Jewelry is something you can depend upon. It is a fun Christmas gift for wife or girlfriend; you can also gift it to your mother. If you are getting married, it’s time to show some love to your fiancé by gifting them something unique and special, something that will help you to express your love for her and her to understand and appreciate it.

24k gold 

The specialty of this jewelry is that it is nano jewelry with around 24k gold and has a message inscribed in it. Gift your lovely lady this and she will love nano jewelry.

Why nano jewelry

If you are wondering about the uniqueness of the jewelry then here are some points that will clear all your doubts 


It has small inscriptions, messages for loved ones and these can be personalized. It knows how much you love the lady you are gifting it to and hence tries to show this to them by providing ‘I love you’ inscription in more than 180 languages. Isn’t that great?


The pricing for the stone is really set at an affordable rate and can easily be purchased by people belonging to different classes and economic stature. Being a beautiful gift for both, it helps people to save some money for buying other fun Christmas gifts for wife like flowers and chocolates. 

Beautiful stones

The Stones used in this jewelry is the black onyx which is believed to have some connections with goddess Venus and used by powerful men and women in the past. The other stone is the Cubic Zirconia which is almost like a diamond but is able to retain a brightness of its own. The black onyx will make your wife feel the power she has over your life and the shine of Cubic is to symbolize her home in your life.


5 Top Health Benefits of Herbal Vitamins and Supplements

5 Top Health Benefits of Herbal Vitamins and Supplements

Medical science has continued to push the efficacy of herbal medicine to the background. The claim has always been that herbal medicine is not science-based and as such should not be considered. The real truth is that before anti-flue medications, cough syrups, and fever tablets made their way to the limelight, herbs were the only medicine known to man. If you are a great fan of herbal supplements and vitamins, you can find a huge range at iHerb online store. And with the numerous iHerb discount code options available, you’ll find something to help you save on your order.

The Effectiveness of Herbs

Although modern medicine claims that herbs don’t work, it is critical to ask some questions. If herbs don’t work, how then did people survive diseases in the past? Before the advent of tablets, syrups, and the likes, people fall sick and get well after taking herbs. In fact, people were healthy and lived a happy life in the past. Herbal medicines were reported to have been used to boost health, gain strength, and cure health conditions in the past. If this is the case, then we can’t relegate the efficacy of herbal supplements and vitamins to the background.

Herbal medicines are made from natural ingredients, unlike their chemical-composed counterparts. Herbal medicines are also safe and are very effective for a range of health issues. They come in the form of powder, tablets, tea, or capsule and they’ve been widely accepted across the world. iHerb online store has a lot to offer. Get an iHerb discount code and browse through amazing products available at the online platform. You’ll make huge savings while you order high-quality herbal supplements and vitamins.

Top Reasons to choose Herbal Supplements and Vitamins

It enhances the Immune SystemA good immune system is able to fight against germs. It equips the body system with everything it needs to war against diseases. Herbal medicine has been reported to strengthen the immune system and fight against diseases such as cold, flu, and stomach issues.

  • It Improves Mental Health

Herbal medicine also has healing power in the brain. There are many herbal supplements and vitamins that help to boost the brain’s cognitive abilities. They also help to cure some brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Check out the different range of herbal supplements available at iHerb store. Remember to get an herb discount code before you place your order so you can get rebates.

  • It has Anti-inflammatory Effects

Health conditions such as joint inflammation from rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and bower inflammation such as ulcerative colitis can also be treated with herbal medicines. This is because herbs have anti-inflammatory properties that significantly reduce and totally stop inflammation and the production of agents that cause inflammation.

  • It treats Depression

If you or anyone you know is dealing with depression, you can give the herbal supplement a shot. There are herbal supplements that can help minimize your anxiety level and cure depression.

Scientific advancements have significantly influenced the manufacturing of herbal supplements and vitamins, giving humans more natural alternatives to treating health issues. Products available at iHerb store have been developed through a cutting-edge process, making the health claim more research-based and scientifically-proven. When shopping at the site, you should get an iHerb discount code so you can make savings on your order.


Top 7 Adidas Sneakers Models that are the Most Popular

Adidas is one of the most popular sneakers brands in the market today. Thanks to the collaborations between Pharrell Williams and Kanye West, the brand has garnered fans from all over the world. The brand has also gained traction for its best-selling footwear models such as the Stan Smith and Ultra Boost. In this post, we’ll look at some of the most popular Adidas sneakers you can find in the market today. If you are considering shopping for a pair, get an Adidas code to help you save on your order. Let’s look at the favorite Adidas of all-times.

  1. Adidas Ultra Boost

Launched around 2016, the Adidas Ultra Boost has remained one of the most popular sneakers from the stable of Adidas. One of the reasons for its popularity is because of its simple design and comfortable midsole. The model has continued to attract fans from all over. If you’re thinking of getting a pair, check out the available Adidas code to help you save on your purchase.

  1. Adidas Samba

This model was originally designed for soccer games and since it was launched, it has remained an icon among its peers. The simple but stylish low-cut leather in the upper part of the footwear is very distinct. The Three Stripes branding that is emblazoned on its side also makes it a beauty to behold anytime. 

  1. Adidas Gazelle

The iconic Adidas Gazelle is a true definition of simplicity. It features a clean upper part and a unique here Stripes design that symbolizes the originality and quality synonymous with Adidas. If you are interested in the Adidas Gazelle, you can find your perfect fit at the official website. With the available Adidas code, you will save when you order at the site.

  1. Adidas Yeezy Powerphase

This model seems to be the most affordable Yeezy version that you can find in the market. It is a fresh adaptation of the vintage model. This model features a rubber outsole and tonal leather upper that makes it as distinct as other Adidas models in the market.

  1. Adidas Futurecraft 4D

In 2017, Adidas launched the new innovative footwear, which is named the Futurecraft 4D. It features a 3D-printed midsole, which was created via a Digital Light Synthesis technology. You can find a pair of this footwear at the official website and if you have an Adidas code, you’ll surely get rebates on your order.

  1. Adidas NMD

Launched in 2015, this model has established itself in the market and has garnered fans from different walks of life. Its comfy Boost sole and simple yet classy one-piece Primeknit build make it the favorite of many. You can save on a pair when you use an Adidas code.

  1. Adidas Superstar

Living up to its name, the Adidas Superstar footwear is the standard Adidas shoes for more than fifty years. Its classic shell-toe design offers both protection and style to the wearer. Are you looking for the perfect fit for you? Check out the amazing collections available at the official Adidas website.



8 Ways to Take Care of Your Eyes

Information about eye experts and research institutes delivers superb evidence-based suggestions on how to protect the eyes from invisible enemies in the environment. Remember, protecting the eyes from dust, dirt, Ultraviolet sunrays, and more is important. Eyewear presents quality sunglasses, contact lenses and eyeglasses with eyewear coupon. Buying all these essentials at this store is affordable and easy for everyone. Learn more about eyewear deals, discounts and promotions at were exciting opportunities are waiting for you. 

Wear Sunglasses

Yes, wear sunglasses but make sure that these are equipped with Ultraviolet Protection. Everyone knows how to protect the skin from UV rays. However, it is also important to protect the precious eyes from the negative impacts of UV rays. Pick the top sunglasses offering UVR and UBR protection. 

Wear Goggles While Swimming

Whether you swim in a pool or a pond, it gives a cooling effect in the hot days. What about your eyes? Swimmers can ensure eye protection by wearing quality goggles. Swimming goggles are commonly used because the pool management adds chlorine to clean the water from different types of germs. People allergic to these germs may face issues such as Conjunctivitis. You can only keep the eyes safe from this common allergy by using quality goggles. Buy these goggles by the use of eyewear coupon to get a discount.

Don’t Rub Eyes

Most experts recommend washing hands before touching or rubbing the eyes. We recommend everyone to avoid this unnecessary habit. Washing the hands can minimize the risk of getting allergies. It is strongly suggested to use a hand sanitizer especially when you go to a public gathering. 

Wear Hats

This is even better if you want to keep the eyes safe. No doubt, hats are not useful against the UVR but these can offer some protection. The UVR will not directly reach to your eyes. Add a quality sunglass having UVR protection feature with a hat. This combination becomes a super shield. Wearing a hat also keeps the head cool. You can also put a cool wet towel on your head to avoid sunburn and heat stroke.

Stay Away From Chemicals

While most people get exposed to chemicals at work or travel, it is necessary to keep wet wipes. Regularly clean the hands and face. Don’t rub the eyes after handling chemicals such as herbicides, insecticides and others. Chemical burns can only be avoided by taking high care at work. 

Educate the Kids about Eye Care

Let your kids understand the significance of taking care of your eyes. People who frequently face such issues should teach their kids about the best curative and preventive measures. It is an easy step rather than treating the kids. 

Wear Eye Protection at Work

People such as carpenters, wall painters, plumbers, welders and others should use eye protection equipment. Buy quality eye protection gears at affordable prices with a simple eyewa coupon. 

Choose Healthy Diets and Drinks

Prefer fresh juices and fruits. Take more Vitamin C, E and Zinc. You can places cold pieces of cucumber on eyes for relief. Include antioxidants in your daily diets and drinks. 


9 Cruelty-Free Handbags for the Stylist Girls

Try The Cruelty-Free Accessories in 2020

Veganism is severely influencing the fashion industry than ever before. It is not because of the increasing technologies and ideas in the fashion world. Actually, there is a need to introduce some styles having the potential to gain attention. Previous styles have excellent power to hit the minds if come with new designs. Max presents amazing handbags for ladies who love shopping in bulk because of the Max Fashion promo code UAE. invites the UAE residents to discover special promotions announced by leading fashion stores such as Max. 

The Euphoria Clutch:

This has an innovative design with 100 % Cruelty-free nature.  The clutch is endorsed by top fashionistas and stylists in the world. This hand clutch delivers a sleek and creative design. Will add this special product in the cart? Feel free to choose this polished silver-tone clutch at a reasonable price. 

Stella Logo Bag:

It is a shoulder bag with a durable origin. This bag is a favourite for the vegetarians who don’t like using animal-based products having furs or leather. Choose the cinnamon coloured bag and hang it on your shoulders to feel proud as nature-friendly personality. 

Fiona Bag:

This bag was launched in 2016 again with some new modifications. The classic silhouette makes the bag more modern and stylish. It has a stylish texture. The bag is 100 % vegan leather and it is certified by the Global Recycling Standards. This perfect shoulder bag is available at Max with special Max promo code UAE. 

Angelou Mini:

This is a beloved product approved by PETA. The bag is free from all types of animal materials and cruelties. One of the main specialities of this bag is that it is 100 % handmade. Special luxury and care reflect from the stitching and materials. 

Azur Bucket Bag:

This is based on an old bag style launched in 1995. Today, these bags are available at the Max store with some innovations. This is a cruelty-free, well-crafted and Natural product. People who love environment-friendly products should include Azur Bucket Bag in the accessory list. Buying this shoulder bag is affordable because of Max promo code UAE. 

Stubby Duffel Bag:

This super sleek bag is 100 % cruelty and animal-free. The bag is produced in the Los Angeles Fashion world. This shoulder bag is popular for its environment-friendly texture and creative design. 

Colonial Bag:

This shoulder bag is popular as it is 100 % PVC free. The brand comes with vegan texture, CCO polyurethane, up-cycled nylon and canvas. Wearing this stylish handbag gives you an eye-catching look even in mass. 

Calvin Crossbody:

This luxurious bag is animal-free and offers natural materials. Discover the ionic collection at MAX store. Apply your Max promo code UAE when adding this crossbody bag in the cart. 

Sophie Hobo Bag:

This brand is famous among amateur stylists. Girls who like to have a bold style while going out should bring the Sophie Hobo bag. This bag is designed to offer daily essentials, natural texture and 100 % toxic-free surface. 

Home Improvement

Renovate Your Home Without Wrecking Your Budget

They say your home should tell the story of who you are. The story changes and so should your home. You don’t have to pull your hair over the idea of refurbishing your home but rather enjoy the process of change. However your budget looks like, you can renovate your home without compromising your other goals.

Read more to find out how to transform your home at your own price.

Save Up

So, you have a budget but have you saved up for it? The greatest challenge is not the budget but rather your finances. By intentionally saving up for your home upgrade, you give yourself financial peace to carry out your other projects. If you have set out a budget for the renovation, create a savings plan that will carry you through until you reach your budget.

Repaint It All

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your home. You can repaint your doors, walls, ceilings, and cabinets to a new color or add a fresh coat of the previous color. You can try adding dark colors to your ceilings or switching colors to your walls. As for the cabinets in the kitchen and washroom, a fresh coat of paint will make them look brand new. The moment you finish, you will positively feel like a guest in your own home.

Install a New Wallpaper

Whether you’re installing wallpaper for the first time or you’re changing an old wallpaper, the effect is always fresh and dramatic. Wallpapers are versatile, easy to install, and can change the look of a room instantly. You can do this to your bedroom, bathroom, hallway, and your dining room. You can also add wallpapers to your shelves, your drawers, and your stairway. The best thing about wallpapers is you can change them however many times you want; no one is judging.

Give That Floor a New Shine

You don’t need to replace your wooden floor but rather polish it and give it a new shine. When a wooden floor is exposed to constant dust, dirt, and foot traffic, it tends to become dull. You don’t need to hire an expert to polish it. With a flat surface mop and a wood floor polish, you can get the work done just the way you want it. The wood polish takes approximately 24 hours to dry.

Have Your Own Gallery Wall

A great way to turn the dull-looking wall in your library, hallway, or staircase would be by putting up a gallery wall. A gallery wall doesn’t need to hold a million-dollar piece of artwork. You could simply have a painting, your favorite photograph, your favorite quote, or the kids’ drawings. To achieve that “wow” effect, you could play around with colors to bring focus to the area. Remember to be as creative as you want with the levels and theme of your gallery.

Light It Up

Your perception of a room can be manipulated with the lighting you expose it to. Good lighting affects the ambiance and the mood of the room. Invest in decorative lamps and strategically place them in specific places in your home. You should also think about the ceiling of your home before placing any lighting.

If you are worried about power consumption, you can now stop with the worries. LED lights come in handy with its durability, less power consumption, and uniform lighting. Play around as much as you want with light to get a decorative effect.

Grand Entrance

Nothing says renovation like a grand entrance to your home. Having that grand entryway takes a bit of woodwork and creativity. For one, you could invest in a great porch light. A great porch light gives visitors a homey feeling before they walk in. Tired of the untidy shoes? A nice shoe rack will do the trick. Combined with a great coat rack, your entryway will look organized and appealing. Throw in some new furniture and your entryway will be transformed.

Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors have a variety of use in a home. Not only do they open up the room, but they also light up a room and decorate the house. Use mirrors in narrow hallways and staircases to widen the space. If you want to use a mirror to light a room, place the mirror adjacent to the window. The light will be reflected off the mirror to the rest of the room.

Have fun playing around with different shapes and textures of the mirror. The good thing about mirrors is, you don’t have to buy them, you could also make them.

Shelve It

There is no better way to maximize the space of your house like shelving. Not only is it appealing but it keeps things organized in your home. Use shelves in those areas of your house that are plain-looking like under stairways. There are a variety of shelves to choose from such as a floating shelf, a wine box shelf, a pegboard shelf, and a rope shelf.

Laundry Room

The laundry room is regularly visited but highly neglected as part of your home. You can give that room an upgrade by creating more shelving space. A great countertop will also help if you prefer folding your clothes in the laundry room. Then again, a great upgrade to your washer and dryer set does the trick perfectly.

Level Up

Sometimes all you need is to be out with the old and in with the new for that dramatic remodeling of your home. Think about upgrading key areas such as the living room and the kitchen. Upgrading appliances such as the dishwasher, the fridge, the sound system, or the microwave will greatly change the outlook of your home.

A great renovation of your home comprises smaller changes put together. As the Irish say, “May your home be too small to hold all your friends.” Good luck with your new adventure.

Resource— Better Homes and Gardens, Home Stratosphere, The Spruce




How to Get a Car Loan with Poor Credit Score

Getting some money to purchase a car is normal, whether you get funds from your income or loan. Although it might not be easy to own one, especially from listing all vehicles that are currently on the market.  It’s always worth it to have one. For someone to have a bad credit rating, it is not to mean they are, but it just means something happened.

 Every loan lender who gives you bad credit card loans understands this. Apart from getting a car with bad credit, you also get added benefits. These days it is easy to get bad credit loans compared to five years back since most financial institutions and companies are offering loans for bad credit.

Evaluation of credit report

If a borrower has a bad credit score, it is good to start with credit report where one is given a credit score based on previous loans. This three-digit number is used by most lenders in the evaluation of risk when giving your car loans. The credit bureaus will have copies of your credit report. By having your credit score, it prevents you from being taken advantage of by the lenders.

Interest rates analysis

Having known your credit score, let’s look at the credit card loans process. Though there is no such big difference, there is a significant one. The real difference is found in down payment and rate of interests. With bad credit card loans, rates of interest will be a bit high as in any other bad credit car loan; hence, you can’t escape that. These rates of interest differ according to credit scores varying from 5% to 26%.

Down Payment

Depending on the severity of lousy credit down payment vary from 20% to 50%. Since these loans are just short term to negotiate for interest rates in your favor accurately, you need to use down payment as a strategy. No matter how small down payment is, it can open up opportunities for bad credit borrowers.

Comparison of Loan Lenders

Some lenders are willing to take risks by offering bad credit loans though not all lenders. There is, therefore, several of lenders who will provide the services which call for thorough search before settling on one. Different lenders offer different rates of interest and also terms hence compare each one of them and select the best option.

Building your performance

As stated earlier, there are always added benefits where you can rebuild your credit rating and makes your credit report to shine. It can, however, happen if you do not fault on loan.


There are many options to take even if you have bad credit rating contrary to what most borrowers think. Therefore it is good to look carefully since in the long run; it will save you a lot. Moreover, it is prudent to plan carefully before looking for lenders, and you are bound to finding a loan that will place you behind the wheels that you desire. You should preferably go for used cars loans that would cost you less money. Hence take a small loan that you can manage to pay back without hassle.


Why calculation is needed to get pregnant

There is nothing particular about how long exactly someone can take to become pregnant. But yes, there can be some calculations which can give you a fair idea on how much time one can take at the most.

So, how long did it take you to conceive can only be a calculative assumption and nothing definite. According to medical studies, most couples can get pregnant within three months of trying but the timeline of getting pregnant can vary if one is older or if they have certain habits like smoking and some conditions of infertility.

If the couples are trying to conceive then,

  • 30 percent of them get pregnant in the very first cycle that is within a months.
  • 60 percent gets pregnant within 3 cycles which is 3 months.
  • 80 percent conceives within 6 cycles or 6 months.
  • 85 percent gets pregnant within 12 cycles which is about a year.
  • 91 percent gets pregnant within 36 cycles or 3 years.
  • 93 to 95 percent within 48 cycles or about 4 years.

If one tries for a year and still do not get successful then it is a good idea to get help from any fertility specialist. One may take time to get pregnant but it is smart to check it with a specialist. One can then find out if there are any underlying fertility problems or not. If yes, then one should start the treatment right away.

If one reaches the age of 35 then they need to go for a fertility check up before they start trying to form a family. One can take help from a specialist as soon as they can.

It is said that getting pregnant actually is all about getting the timing right. So, one needs to maximise their chance of pregnancy. Almost 80 percent of the couple conceives naturally and some others are diagnosed with infertility.

Once a couple is diagnosed with infertility, then they need to get immediate medical help which can actually lead one eventually to get pregnant. The rest can choose options from surrogacy, sperm donation and adoption.

Do pregnancy rates get affected by age? Well, the answer is unfortunately yes.  It can take longer to get pregnant because the egg quality in a woman declines with age. This means fewer of them are able to join with the sperm so that they can grow into a healthy baby. But male fertility on the other hand remains more or less same till they reach 45.

One also needs to check the ovulation calendar to get pregnant. Women needs to figure put when will they ovulate. One can only get pregnant during ovulation when the egg gets released from the ovaries. So, one needs to have sex during the time of ovulation.

So, when one wonders, how long did it take to get pregnant then one needs to calculate on the basis of ovulation period and also according to the fertility rate. Doctors can also be of huge help.