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3 Easy Ways to Capture Better Photos That Look Impressive


Good photography requires skill and experience – both of which take time to acquire. That being said even professional photographers had to start somewhere, and there are lots of ways that you could start to capture better photos relatively quickly.

In particular if you’d like some easy methods to capture more impressive-looking photos, there are a few that you could try:

  • Use the rule of thirds to place the subject off-center

Placing the subject off-center will improve the visual impact of the composition, and generally looks more impressive. The easiest composition technique to use to do that is the rule of thirds.

All you need to do is turn on the grid feature on your camera and align the subject using the left or right gridline and intersection points. If possible try to line up the other elements as well, so that your photo looks more balanced.

  • Get up close and fill the frame

Another way to create photos with impressive composition is to get really close to the subject and fill the frame with them. Not only will such photos look unique, but you can reveal relatively obscure details by getting that close.

Just remember that you should always get physically closer to the subject and not use the digital zoom on your camera instead. It will affect the photo quality – which is the last thing that you want.

  • Make sure there is plenty of soft light

Lighting conditions will play a huge role in how your photos turn out and in most cases you will want to ensure there is lots of soft light present. Simply put the light should be diffused and evenly spread, without excessively bright spots or hard shadows.

Using natural light is a good option, and if you’re indoors try to find a location that is near a large window or doorway. On the other hand if you’re outdoors it can be more difficult, but the golden hour is known for its excellent lighting conditions.

As much as these techniques can help, if you really want to make your photos look impressive you need to be able to edit them as well. In short you should get a user-friendly photo editing software for Mac or PC and start to familiarize yourself with it.

For example you could try Movavi Photo Editor for Mac or download Lightroom presets for consistent and fast color correction.

If you try the ways listed above, you should immediately see how much more impressive your photos look with their help. On top of that if you can touch up your photos and make adjustments by editing them – you should be able to really come up with photos that stand out and look amazing.

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