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Delivering to the world in just one night


We are fast approaching Christmas Eve which is when the man himself, Father Christmas, descends on the world and magically manages to deliver presents to all the children of the world on his nice list in just one night. This is an impressive same day delivery service. If you are looking for an earth-bound Same Day Courier Manchester way, then take a look at All about freight. They may not have a sleigh and reindeers at their disposal, but they have pretty much every other vehicle available to them.

Many families have traditions based around Father Christmas or Santa or whatever name your family has chosen to go with. For most they leave out a mince pie, a glass of milk and of course a carrot for good old Rudolf. In other households the glass of milk may be replaced by a spirit drink of some description.

If like many people you live in a newer built property that simply has a chimney for decoration and don’t have an open fireplace you may have been bombarded with a hundred and one questions from your children about how Father Christmas gets into your house. Well don’t worry the commercial world has thought of that with many different ‘magic’ keys available for you to buy to secretly send off to Father Christmas in his Lapland house ready for him to tip toe into your house on Christmas Eve and leave presents for your children under the tree or perhaps in sacks at the end of their beds.

His Christmas Eve delivery is impressive if you take into consideration that it would in fact be a journey of around 41 million miles and based on average purchasing habits his sleigh and magical Christmas sack would be carrying over a million tonnes of gifts to the 750 million children that will be waking up extra early on Christmas Day to see what they have been bought. If you take into account the time differences and the number of different time zones that his sleigh would encounter on that one night a year, Father Christmas and his trusty team would in fact work a 31-hour day with the team having just over 0.30 of a second to deliver the presents to each family. At those speeds it is no wonder that you can’t catch a glimpse of him in all his Christmas delivering glory.

What are you going to leave out for Father Christmas to enjoy this year?

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