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Different Categories of Attorneys Around


No matter what your case is, there is likely a legal representative specializing in dealing with a lawful issue. Let us find out how many types of lawyers are there and the role of each one.

What types of lawyers are there?

  1. Estate Planning Lawyer

This type of attorney focuses on trusts and wills and can support you to pull up a will to pass your property. Among other estate planning legal services, this category of lawyer can aid you to organize a trust that would help in taking care of your loved ones’ financial necessities.

  1. Employment lawyer

Suppose you are an enterprise owner facing an issue with a staff member or a person who is having an issue with the enterprise you work for. In that case, an employment lawyer can give suggestions regarding legal problems that arise from an occupation agreement or in an occupation relationship.

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  1. Intellectual property lawyer

Intellectual property lawyers are also known as IP attorneys in Gainesville GA. They can recommend their clients about the issues associated with intellectual property, which encompasses patents, industrial design, trade secrets, copyrights, brand name, etc.

  1. Personal injury lawyer

If you have got injured due to an accident, for instance- a car accident, then the category of attorney you wish to go for is a personal injury lawyer. Such type of attorneys in Gainesville GA mainly concern about achieving a settlement in the form of costs for injuries caused by the fault person.

  1. Bankruptcy lawyer

If you face financial issues and are pondering bankruptcy cases, you would want to see a bankruptcy lawyer. This lawyer can recommend you on your eligibility for economic failure, the kinds of bankruptcy you will wish to be concerned about, and which type would be suitable for your situation.

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  1. Corporate lawyer

What type of lawyer do I need for handling corporate issues? If you are a company owner, you would have to consult a corporate lawyer on various events. A corporate lawyer’s work is to assist its clients with difficulties linked to the creation of their business, corporate obedience issues, and typical corporate supremacy issues.

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  1. Car accident lawyer

An accident can result in severe financial tension. A car accident lawyer Gainesville GA would investigate and keep victims from obtaining unfair compensation amounts. If you have met with a wrongful car accident, you must call or search for the most experienced car accident lawyer in the town.

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