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Everything You Need to Know About Trade Plates


Anyone who is employed in the motor trade should make sure that they hold a licence to use trade plates. These allow unlicensed vehicles to be used on public roads, and without them you would be breaking the law.

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Who Needs to Have Trade Plates?

According to the official UK Government website, in order to qualify for a licence to hold trade plates you must work in the motor trade or be a vehicle tester who drives cars that belong to other people on public highways.

Even if an unlicensed car is only in your possession for a short period of time, trade plates are still important. Without them you’d be obliged to spend time and effort chasing up the relevant car documents and ensuring that every car was appropriately registered and taxed before you could get behind the wheel. And just because you only drive cars on the forecourt, that doesn’t make you exempt – you need to make sure that every single car that you drive has appropriate trade plates fitted before you get behind the wheel.

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Applying for Trade Plates

Trade licence plates are issued by the DVLA, and you can opt to purchase a licence for either six months or twelve months. They expire on the last day of June and the last day of December each year, so stay on top of your licensing schedule so that it doesn’t run out.

If this is your first application for trade plates, then you must complete form VTL301. The cost will depend on the number of months you apply for and the type of vehicles that you wish to be covered for. If renewing your licence, complete form VTL305. For a replacement or duplicate licence, complete form VTL310, and to cancel your licence altogether you should complete form VTL308.

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