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Get Bitcoins wallet for free – an introduction to Bitcoin wallet faucets?


As the name itself, Bitcoin faucets are like taps of bitcoins waiting for you to fetch and make a bucket of it. Bitcoin faucets are websites or apps that give out free bitcoins as a reward for users to claim. They can be a game or a simple task or activity that needs to be performed and done by the guest. Some of them requires you to sign up for a news letter, view advertisements or play simple games and give you free bitcoins in return.

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How much can you earn?

The rewards given are only fractions of a bitcoin called ‘satoshis’. Satoshi is named after the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. 1 satoshi is equal to 0.00000001 BTC. These are not much to be a way of earning money but the best thing is they are totally free. It will probably take you days or even months to make 1 BTC depending on the tasks faucets give for you to perform. So in order for you to earn bitcoins  wallet without giving much time, look for faucets that offers things you really do. This way, you do not have to give the best of your effort just to earn cents. Earning a bit while doing your thing will not really hurt.

There are also websites that offer referral system. Existing users will get a pro rated portion of the earnings of the users they referred to the BTC faucet. So get into these websites and invite friends so you earn more.

Why bitcoin faucets exist?

Bitcoin faucets are a way to promote bitcoins to new users. If you want to try bitcoins wallet but hesitant to spend your real money for it, then  best bitcoin faucet  are for you. Bitcoin faucets give away free bitcoins and so, more and more people will be enticed to understand and try using bitcoins. Bitcoin faucets therefore play an important role in the BTC ecosystem.

What do faucets get in return?

Bitcoin faucets are mostly websites. They take advantage in promoting bitcoins as a way to get people visit their website. They earn money through advertisements posted in their websites. Advertising costs are calculated through CPM or Cost per Thousand impression. It means more traffic earns them more money. Since they give bitcoins for free, it gets more people to come back to their site every day. To discover more about the top Bitcoin faucet, visit this website:

Where can I find a bitcoin faucet?

There are a lot of bitcoin faucets in the internet. You can search through Google or any search engine by typing ” bitcoin faucets” and it will give you a list of hundreds of websites that give bitcoins for free. Also, you can download BTC faucet apps for easy access on your mobile phones. Bitcoineverything has done the job for you by creating an interactive list of the most high quality Bitcoin faucets here.

How to use Bitcoin wallet faucet?

Some faucets will not require you to do anything. Just stay on their webpage for a little amount of time and you claim your reward. Some will have you to play games or do simple tasks. Once you are on the faucet site or app, you enter your bitcoin address or your email id for Xapo wallet. Then, hit the claim button after the counter stops or you finish the task or game. Bitcoin faucets have time intervals between claims for each user so you do not stay long and get all the available bitcoins. If you also want another good alternative to bitcoin faucets, you can try this bitcoin bomberman game for free. Or if you are the gambling type, be sure to checkout our in-depth bitcoin casinos reviews.

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The rise of Bitcoin faucets has been imminent since the early days of Bitcoin in 2012 and it has been fully integrated this 2018. Who knows what will happen since we face a new era of Bitcoins this 2016.

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