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How to Record Your Gameplay with Gecata Game Recording Software


Movavi offers an easy to use and lightweight game recording app called Gecata that allows you to record your gameplay and post on YouTube. It is great for those who want to teach others how to pass through all the levels of a game. You can record the most memorable moments in your gameplay and share with your friends on the forum.

The app is fully updated and support up to Windows 10. Gecata can be downloaded at the official Movavi site. The app is able to capture all the sound effects and background music in the game as long as you plug in your audio speakers. It is easy to learn how to record gameplay with Gecata.

After downloading and installing Gecata, you must launch it on the computer screen and select the Capture tab. From the Capture mode drop down menu, you must select the Game option since you are recording a game. Here, you will see a microphone button and webcam button.

By default, the microphone and webcam options are enabled. The microphone option when enabled, allow you to record your voice from a plugged in microphone while playing the game. The webcam option will show your face on the corner of the video as recorded through your plugged in webcam.

Gecata allows you to save the gameplay recording with the audio and webcam recording files separated. You can go to Settings > Capture Separate Streams if you want the audio version and webcam version to be saved as separate files. The settings can be accessed by clicking on the gearwheel icon on top. The audio stream will be saved in AAC format by default.

Now, you can select the Video tab and tweak the video resolution and framerate. You can select a framerate from 15 – 60 fps. Higher frame rate means the video will look sharper with more details. However, higher frame rate can also increase the file size.

If you want to create a compact video, you can choose the middle frame rate, 30 fps so that the video looks clear and the file size is not too big at the same time. You can choose Original from the resolution drop down menu if you want the gameplay to be recorded in the original size as shown on the screen. There are also other custom presets to choose from the drop down menu.

Before starting the game, you must press the REC button to start recording. After that, you are to quickly launch the game and start playing it.  The top right corner will display what type of DIRECTX or openGL the game is using. You have to press F10 to officially start the gameplay recording.

Whenever you want to pause the game, you can pause the recording by pressing the F9 button. When you stop recording, the video will automatically be saved onto your hard drive. The default saving format is MP4 is designed for easy uploading on YouTube. The shortcut keys that you have pressed will appear as red button on the lower left corner.

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