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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is Holding an Online November Prayer Conference


In just days, Pastor Oyakhilome of Nigeria will be holding a huge international prayer conference that is online. This big event is expected to draw more people than ever before for an online prayer event. This will go on for a full 24 hours. This longer time frame allows people living in all time zones the opportunity to be a part of this program at a specific time convenient for them. This anticipated Rhapsody Online Prayer gathering will include pastors, church leaders and individual prayer warriors from many different cities, countries and regions around the globe. Everyone is excited about this spectacular prayer event.

Pastor Chris is encouraging everyone to attend. Since this is an innovative online conference, nobody has to travel. They can tune in easily from their comfortable homes by logging onto the Internet. From previous prayer conferences, Pastor Oyakhilome and believers are expecting great things to happen at this event. This Nigerian pastor will be reading from his Rhapsody devotional and the Bible. People are encouraged to read along out loud. Recently, the pastor gave away millions of his devotional copies. This free gift event was held across Nigeria. Pastor Chris hopes that more people will take part in this conference. There will be fervent prayer for the 24 hour duration.

Living in Nigeria can have challenges. Pastor Chris understands these obstacles. He has taken his inspiring message to churches and meetings around the world. The Christ Embassy Church is gaining followers every day. This prayer meeting will include prayer for unbelievers and new believers. People from all areas are already praying for this international online prayer meeting. It is happening on November 3rd, and will continue through November 4th. Interested individuals are encouraged to check this much loved pastors website for further details. There is also information on how to get his online devotional.

Rhapsody in Realities has been linked to people experiencing great things in their lives. Many who faithfully read this devotional attest that their lives have changed for the better. People are testifying about financial blessings, less anxiety and even healing events. Pastor Chris recommends studying the devotional and reading scripture every day. He thinks that early mornings are a good time. However, the important thing is to keep at it daily. The pastor encourages believers to let the Holy Spirit guide their devotions. There are some videos and other study aids available through the main website.

While reading the daily devotional material, Pastor Oyakhilome encourages the individuals to read out loud. He feels that this releases the power of the Holy Spirit, and individuals that have done so, often indicate blessings on their lives and those family members they are praying for as well. The prayer conference will be a time of celebration and deep prayer. The pastor hopes to see many blessings come as a result of this prayer first online conference. He is excited that the occasion will bring together peoples of all nationalities, races and cultures. Anyone desiring more details are highly encouraged to check out this awesome Christian website. Pastor Chris has more thrilling events coming up in addition to this phenomenal online prayer service.

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