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Picking The Right Accountant For Your Business Needs


Your business has reached a point where you need an accountant. This is one of the best decisions that you can make. An accountant will ensure that your books are well kept and most importantly, you can get regular financial reports that will enable you to implement ideal growth strategies. An accountant will also help you in filing tax returns, something that has led to many companies losing a lot of money in penalties due to errors throughout the filing process.

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However, getting the right accountant is not easy, especially when you have so many in the market today. This article seeks to guide you on picking the perfect one.

Consider the location

Previously, many companies used to hire accountants who were based on the company premises. However, today many companies prefer engaging the accountant online using cloud-based technology. Thus, location is no longer an issue for many companies; cloud accounting has made it possible for one to view the data real-time. The most important thing is to understand is what suits your company best. You may opt for communication via email with your accountant, or video-conferencing and such. This would save time and reduce the cost, compared to hiring someone in an office as a full-time employee. Again, you may need someone who you will be meeting face-to-face for consultations. The most important thing is to find out who would be appropriate for the nature of your business.

Look for someone with relevant experience

Just like in many other professions, accounting has very many lines of pursuit; there are those with expertise in tax returns, financial documents and such. Depending on the size of your marketing business, you need to get someone with good experience in what you’re interested in. For instance, a small business would need someone who is an expert in general accounting and financial services like Oculus Group . This would ensure that as an owner of a business, the person you choose has knowledge of the basics and the important things that can make or break your business.

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Choose a certified accountant

In almost all countries, accountants are regulated by professional bodies. The work of these bodies is to maintain a high professional standard and to look after the qualifications of the individual professionals. Depending on where you are, an accountant can be chartered or a certified accountant. This is someone who has gone through the accounting curriculum passed the different tests and has been confirmed to work as an accountant in both the private and public sector. Thus, when looking for one, you need to ask for credentials that show proof of the same. Beware of those who would want to lure you with low charges to cover up their ineffectiveness, they could be risky and if any problem arises, you’ve nowhere to seek refuge.


Ideally, you are looking for a good professional who is well qualified and most importantly, someone whose services are affordable. As the adage goes, “get what you pay for”; the more costly the accountant, the better their services. However, you should look for someone who is within your budget- do your research; look for an experienced person whose charges are affordable.

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Choosing an accountant is not as easy as you may think. You need to take time, get referrals from friends and relative and scrutinize them before you hire. Click here to explore the Oculus accountants difference, not just a name.

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