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Safety Tips For Women Rivers


Are you driving all alone? Why don’t you get a friend? Aren’t you scared? Most women come across these confused questions when they decide to hit the road all alone. Even if it is a well-furnished diesel RV with all the accessories, people are still astonished to hear that a woman will be travelling solo through an unknown trail. Although it is wrong to distinguish the abilities, but it is a fact that there are some tasks, which need more physical strength and for a single woman it will be difficult to perform. On such cases, they need to take the help of other people on the road to keep moving. Even if solo travelling is adventurous, women should be careful because identifying a predator is not easy every time. Here are some of the safety tips for them.

  • Do not waste the charge of your phone and laptop batteries. Always keep someone informed about your whereabouts. Every time you checked in somewhere, call the person or update your current location. In case you are in a remote location and finding it hard to get a phone signal, try to get an access to a satellite phone or emergency tracker. Also, before you leave for the trail, share your travel plan with your family and a few friends, so that they can trace you, in case of any communication issues.
  • There are a number of solo RV forums and clubs. Be a part of those organizations and increase your network. This will help you know more women who love to travel solo. You can make plans to hit your own road individually, but camp together in one place at night. In case you have parked your motor home with other RV-ers, try to know the crowd. You can even bring along your dog for the trip. It can give you company and confidence in a lonely road.
  • Before your RV hit the road, know the route thoroughly. Learn the localities where you have planned to halt at night. Check out if there is any shorter route that you can take without experiencing any safety issues on the road. Do your Internet research and read the reviews of other campers. If the information doesn’t suit your standard, do not force yourself to accept it. There is no point of taking any risk when you are travelling alone.
  • Trust your instincts. If you do not feel good about any place, avoid it. If you think an unknown RV-er is showing too much interest in your plan, don’t talk to the person. Believing someone blindly on your solo trail can be a big mistake. You have to take your responsibility and if you do not feel comfortable at any point of time, look for help.
  • If the route you are taking is away from locality, then finding a car mechanic will be difficult. So learn the basic roadside repairs. Even after you double check the engine, gear, pump and other technicalities before leaving, there are always chances of a breakdown. You must have the minimum repairing knowledge to get you RV to the nearest repairing stop.
  • Do not carry anything costly or display expensive stuffs. This may attract unwanted attention or your RV may even be stalked. Carry personal safety devices like pepper spray to keep yourself armed at the time of attack. Most importantly, keep your fuel tank at least half-full, so that you can drive away from an area anytime, especially where you feel unsafe.

There will always be many apprehensions in your mind because you are driving alone. But do not let them get the better of you or your travel plan. Trust your instinct and your diesel RV to guide you through an extraordinary journey. Solo travelling is fun, enjoy it completely!


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