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Tips for Upgrading Your Ramadan Wardrobe


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The month of Ramadan demands humbleness in our attitude and modesty in our way of dressing. Muslims as well as non-Muslims are required to cover their body in this holy month. Keep in mind, dress codes are not restricted to females only, men also adhere to specific dress codes. Try to avoid tight and highly revealing dresses as such acts can upset people who are fasting. If you feel insecure concerning your dress selection, just visit the Ounass Qatar site and find modern modest wear in captivating styles. It is guaranteed that you cannot resist ultra-modern styles in form of Asymmetrical Layered Blouse, Voile Cotton Top, Crepe Dress, Peplum Top, Yoke Smocked Blouse, Raw Silk Audrey Skirt, and Cosmic Maxi Dress. Do not neglect the Ounass Code as it is offered to make your shopping easy on the pocket.

Reasons to Follow Dress Code in Ramadan

If we check Islamic Calendar, Ramadan is recognized as the holiest month in which Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. Roza is a kind of worship therefore visitors and residents in Qatar are bound to wear appropriate dress. Women should select outfits that can cover shoulders, knees, cleavage while going out for shopping or office.

Rules Concerning Ramadan Clothing

Your Dress should not Reveal Shoulders, Arms & Cleavage

Well-fitted t-shirts, half or without sleeves shirts, one-shoulder dresses, tank tops, and string vests are not allowed to wear during Ramadan. Instead, you can carry kaftans or jackets to cover the shoulders and arms. With short tops, carry trousers and jeans having a low waist so you can cover the hips. If you need some kind of inspiration for selecting the most appropriate and within fashion dresses for Holy month wardrobe, utilize Ounass Code and select the Long Crepe Dress, Layered Kaftans, Jacquard Jumpsuit, Rombi Jacquard Skirt, Belted Jumpsuit, and many more at a reasonable price. For your interest matching bag and shoes are offered with each dress to make your outfit worth noticing.

Avoid Uncovered Knees

Usually, women wear skirts and shorts that expose the knees. During Ramadan, avoid wearing exposing and hot bottoms. If your skirt has slip upside, do not wear it this month. As an alternative, select loose skirts, full-length maxi, straight-fit trousers, loose pants, layered pants, suit pants, and gabardine pants.

Abaya, the Best Alternative

If it is not possible for you to upgrade your wardrobe or to wear modest dresses, there is an option for you in form of Abaya. Wear tank tops, shorts, or whatever you like, and use an abaya while going out. It will cover the revealing parts. You can choose Chiffon Abaya having floral embroidery, silk straight cut abaya, or tulle embroidered abaya as well. It is an easy way to wear your favorite dresses without offending people around you. Receive Ounass Code and try to behave humbly during Ramadan. Apart from abayas, you can keep some accessories like crochet shrugs, ponchos, kaftans, oversize tops, and scarves to cover up the revealing parts.

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