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Ways To Keep Your Jeans Looking Great


Originally, jeans were designed in order to withstand the harsh and rigors of the average blue collar mans workday.  However today, they are totally trending in the modern fashion industry.  However it has become imperative to treat your jeans in the best way possible to keep it looking new and good.  The only rule of maintaining your jeans are never to wash it. Not only is it important, it is also the right thing to do.  Earlier this month, Incense Delhi Ceo pointed out that 870 liters of water can be saved every year by not washing your jeans.  If you have invested in premium quality Incense denims it is best to follow the following tips to keep your jeans looking great.  Buy the jeans that suit you well and make you look great.

Ways to treat your denims  

  • Soak it in vinegar: Soaking your jeans in vinegar and cold water is best for them instead of washing them. Soak it in a cold water mixture with vinegar for half an hour before flattening it out to dry.  Don’t worry that your pants will not start smelling of vinegar, it will stop stinking only within half an hour of drying.  The method is useful for keeping the dyes locked in the color of the denims.  However if you wash these denims in the washing machine throw in some vinegar but make sure not to use dirty detergent.
  • Treat your trousers to a light steam shower: warm water is detrimental to your denims. It not fades the jeans but it also causes shrinkage. If the jeans are not fitting the last thing that you need on your mind is to wash your jeans in warm water.  Overall using detergent is detrimental for your denims.  This method ensures that the denims are long lasting and always smell new and fresh.
  • Remember to hang your denims outside : Remember washing your denims in hot water is bad for them.  Hot water is an absolute no no for denims. If it is a nice day please hang the denims outside. This will not only preserve the color but also keep the scent intact.  However make sure to hang them out of the direct rays of the sun. This will bleach your jeans faster than you can imagine.
  • Freeze your denims: Freezing your jeans temporarily is a good method to eliminate the dirty odors and give it a fresh look. After the die is applied, your jeans are called raw or dry denim. Its aesthetic remains intact only until it has been washed.  The thumb rule   to maintaining the freshness of the jeans is not to wash them at least for 6 months from purchase.  Washing the jeans will lead to the fading of the dye. Since water is the last thing you want your denims to touch, the alternative is to freeze them.  Freezing the jeans is an effective tool to kill bacteria and manage a quick refresh.  Washing on the other hand can cause shrinkage and fade the jeans fast. Learn more about various types of pants, especially Jeans, along with their tips and tricks, on this website: www.Novelstyleblog.com
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