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Wedding Dresses To Suit Your Skin Tone


Wedding dresses come in all varieties, and just as like a bride would choose a particular style and size of a wedding dress to suit their body shape, they should also consider what kind of dress suits their skin tone. Read the following tips to understand what kind of dress would best suit your skin tone, and have a look and find lots of inspiration for wedding dresses.

Determine Your Skin Tone

Before you decide what kind of dress you need to suit your skin tone, you need to first, as accurately as possible, establish the tone of your skin.

There are three skin tones you can fall under, these being light, medium and dark. These can also be described as warm, cool and neutral, or can be in reference to seasons; summer, autumn and winter.

The first thing that you can do is the examine the veins in your wrists. If they are predominantly blue, this can indicate that you are of light or cool skin tone. If your veins appear greener, this indicates that you are of a medium to dark skin tone.

Next, you can examine the undertone of your skin, this is the colour you can see underneath your skin. If you can see yellowish and orange undertones, you are most likely to have a darker skin tone, whereas someone of a light skin tone generally has pink or blue undertones.

Take a piece of silver and gold fabric and hold them against your face. The material which best matches your skin tone will bring out the warmth in your face, whereas the other will most likely make you look more tired and drained. If the gold makes your skin appear warmer, you have a medium to dark skin tone, and if the silver looks best against your skin, you will have a cooler skin tone.

Tips For Your Tone

Have a look at the following tips on wedding dress colours for brides of different tones. You can also see the best coloured bridesmaid dresses for your bridesmaids who might have different skin tones.

If you have a light skin tone…

Ivory is an excellent choice if you have a light skin tone with a rosy undertone. Go for silver accessories, and try to avoid colours of gold and pastel. Bridesmaids can go for red, grey, hot pink, emerald green, black, navy, royal blue, purple and teal.

If you have a medium skin tone…

Off-white, ecru or champagne coloured wedding dresses work best for brides with olive or medium skin. They really bring out your tones natural glow and make any bride look classy and elegant. Bridesmaids with medium skin will look great in green, aqua, warm pink, red and orange.

If you have a dark skin tone…

Crisp white weddings dresses look stunning. Dark tones also look beautiful in ecru, gold and silver coloured wedding dresses. Dark toned bridesmaids look great in lavender, plum and soft neutral and pastel colours. Learn more about the effect of skin tone and how you can choose the perfect color for your wedding dress accordingly, on this website: www.celebritycurry.com

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