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Why calculation is needed to get pregnant


There is nothing particular about how long exactly someone can take to become pregnant. But yes, there can be some calculations which can give you a fair idea on how much time one can take at the most.So, how long did it take you to conceive can only be a calculative assumption and nothing definite. According to medical studies, most couples can get pregnant within three months of trying but the timeline of getting pregnant can vary if one is older or if they have certain habits like smoking and some conditions of infertility.If the couples are trying to conceive then,

  • 30 percent of them get pregnant in the very first cycle that is within a months.
  • 60 percent gets pregnant within 3 cycles which is 3 months.
  • 80 percent conceives within 6 cycles or 6 months.
  • 85 percent gets pregnant within 12 cycles which is about a year.
  • 91 percent gets pregnant within 36 cycles or 3 years.
  • 93 to 95 percent within 48 cycles or about 4 years.

If one tries for a year and still do not get successful then it is a good idea to get help from any fertility specialist. One may take time to get pregnant but it is smart to check it with a specialist. One can then find out if there are any underlying fertility problems or not. If yes, then one should start the treatment right away.If one reaches the age of 35 then they need to go for a fertility check up before they start trying to form a family. One can take help from a specialist as soon as they can.It is said that getting pregnant actually is all about getting the timing right. So, one needs to maximise their chance of pregnancy. Almost 80 percent of the couple conceives naturally and some others are diagnosed with infertility. Once a couple is diagnosed with infertility, then they need to get immediate medical help which can actually lead one eventually to get pregnant. The rest can choose options from surrogacy, sperm donation and adoption.Do pregnancy rates get affected by age? Well, the answer is unfortunately yes. It can take longer to get pregnant because the egg quality in a woman declines with age. This means fewer of them are able to join with the sperm so that they can grow into a healthy baby. But male fertility on the other hand remains more or less same till they reach 45.One also needs to check the ovulation calendar to get pregnant. Women needs to figure put when will they ovulate. One can only get pregnant during ovulation when the egg gets released from the ovaries. So, one needs to have sex during the time of ovulation.So, when one wonders, how long did it take to get pregnant then one needs to calculate on the basis of ovulation period and also according to the fertility rate. Doctors can also be of huge help.

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