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5 More Ways to Bring Natural Light into Your Home


Light is an extremely important part of our lives. It can make us healthier by providing vitamin D, as well as positively affecting our feelings. Furthermore, you can read our articles on this website https://www.angelosepoxyflooring.com/ to know about home décor, furniture, maintenance and other home improvements.

Natural sunlight is thought to brighten our mood and combat depression by boosting serotonin levels in our brains.

Follow these tips to create more light in your home.

1. Shiny and Transparent Objects

Mirrors are not the only things that can reflect and create light. Adding shiny items to a room will make the space appear lighter.

High-shine tiles, clear furniture and objects made with glass, gold or silver can add light; adopt these colours for items such as photo frames and doorknobs.

Consider installing doors with more glass to open up natural light. For Dublin windows and doors, browse the range of windows and doors by Keane Windows.

Tinted or frosted glass on front doors can maintain privacy but still let more light in. Adding acrylic chairs and glass table tops will also reduce the quantity of light absorbed into furniture.

2. Colour

Light colours will reflect light, but it is best to avoid dark colours, which will absorb natural light.

To make a smaller space look bigger, light-coloured paint will also help. Opt for neutral colours such as cream, light grey or white, which work well for any décor.

3. Soft Lighting

A bright room always feels more spacious; ensure your rooms are illuminated in any awkward spaces and corners.

Soft lighting placed in clever areas can help brighten the room dramatically as well as lighten your mood, working well in kitchens as well as closets.

4. Accessories

Add as many neutral or light-coloured accessories as possible, such as towels, rugs, cushions, artwork and cushions to balance your décor.

Opt for accessories with shiny hardware wherever you can, and remove items that are absorbing light such as dark furniture or dark curtains.

5. Basement

Basements can prove difficult to light, but they can in fact be lit like any other darker room.

Egress windows and solar tubes will add more natural light into the basement. If you install any new walls, ensure that you do not block the path of light. Natural light should ideally be able to move across your basement from one side to another. Click here https://betterhomeguide.com/ for detailed articles regarding home improvement, roofing and maintenance.

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