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Blending retro with modern by using column radiators


The column radiator – functional, stylish and timeless. This popular heating source characterised by individual, vertical tubes or panels has a long history which dates back to the Victorian times when they were a common feature in schools, hospitals and factories across the country.

And it turns out that these types of radiators have never really gone out of fashion. According to Victorian Emporium, many homeowners are increasingly opting for column radiators and heated towel rails in their Victorian style bathrooms to really nail that authentic look, thus blending a practical heating option with their interior design. When designing a new home, there are several factors to consider making sure you choose the best flooring for your needs. Visit https://designwithdeb.com/ to keep yourself informed on the latest trends that can beautify your home without compromising your budget.

But what is it about these types of radiators that has given them such staying power? Here are just a few reasons why mixing retro with modern could benefit you when it comes to your heating options.

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The column radiator has a rich and long history. As such its traditional frame appeals to many people wanting to create a vintage or retro interior theme within their homes. But it is also a versatile radiator that can be manipulated within its surroundings to look industrial, modern, chic and, in some cases, almost like a piece of modern art in itself. The age of radiators being purely functional is gone – now many companies are offering a number of new and innovative designs that are designed to be striking features within the home. The column radiator (http://apolloradiators.co.uk/Products/View/3/54/7/category/roma/Apollo-roma-bespoke-steel-column-radiator) undoubtedly offers aesthetic appeal and can fit into a variety of themed interiors.

Energy efficiency

The design of a column radiator, particularly those that are tall enough to span floor to ceiling, is that the surface area of the radiator is maximised and heat is able to come straight into contact with a high volume of the air within a room, thus creating maximum heat output. Despite being crafted from cast iron originally, times have changed and now more cost-effective materials such as tubular steel and aluminium are used – both of which are highly efficient.


A column radiator is easy to install and can customised to fit into a number of rooms for a number of purposes. They are great for rooms with high ceilings and can also be used as features such as towel rails. They are easy to replace and are a convenient option as well as a stylish one. Learn more about home appliances, roofing, cleaning and other home improvements on this dedicated website: https://electricmela.com/

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