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5 Most Popular WordPress E-Commerce Plugins in 2021


There are several excellent choices for selling your products on the internet with WordPress. You can build an online store with WordPress, manage and optimise the site with SEO-rich content, and increase your conversion rates with responsive web design, navigation, and product reviews. The best WordPress eCommerce plugins accessible through WooCommerce will allow you to add, edit, and test new products easily without writing a single line of code. Plugins available with WordPress hosting plans in India will let you add new drop-down menus for product categories, change the colour scheme for product images, add a search form, provide different styles for navigation items, and display product reviews and testimonials. Click here https://mobdroapps.com/ to read in depth articles about software, technologies and other devices.

Let’s check them out one by one:

1. Shopify

When it comes to top WordPress eCommerce plugins, it is hard to beat Shopify. Shopify has several impressive features, including free domain name registration along with easy shopping cart and catalogue creation. Apart from that, there are other helpful features such as secure credit card payment processing features, SSL certificate, shopping cart optimisation, built-in SEO with WP-O-Matic optimisation, and multi-site support.

2. WooCommerce

WordPress eCommerce plugins coming with WooCommerce hosting rule the market. Because it provides you a wide range of features that allows you to manage your store from any platform easily. It also offers you various resources, tools, Widget Theme Engine, SSL certificate, product previews, and unlimited colours to choose from. https://theapkwire.com/ is a website that provides you with complete information about software, games, internet and handheld devices.

3. Carts 66

With Carts 66, you can easily add products to your cart through an easy-to-use add-on. When choosing this WordPress eCommerce plugin, it is best to go with the “All in One” package, which provides all the features you need to start earning money online. Aside from the cart, this package also includes customer support, an online storefront, free themes for your website, and a merchant account. It offers everything you need to get started.

4. BigCommerce

This plugin enables a user with a shopping cart to specify a limit for each category of product and allow the customers to pay for their purchases without waiting too long for the payment to be approved. The BigCommerce plugin comes with lots of features that enable your store to grow successfully and attract more customers to fully use the features you have installed.

5. OptinMonster

The OptinMonster Ecommerce plugin is a top-rated eCommerce management solution that enables you to maintain all aspects of your online business. It includes product pricing, payment options, catalogues, and shipping capabilities. It also provides advanced inventory tracking, search, filtering capabilities, and flexible product catalogue editing. The best thing about the OptinMonster is that it is 100% free to download and use.

With a simple user interface and extensive catalogue of products offered by WordPress website hosting and plugins, it becomes a breeze to manage & customise your store. You can also have complete control over the display of products and manage your product catalogue from any location. You will never need to worry about plugins again, as you can utilise any of them at your convenience and necessity. You can visit this site https://apk2down.net/ for more information regarding technology.

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