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How to manage a dry scalp


When one suffers from dry scalp it can cause a lot of problems. The major problem that one faces is of dandruff. It is really very embarrassing to see white flakes in your shoulders and on your clothes. Also a dry scalp can lead to red, itchy, red and irritated scalp which can make your hair look very dull and dry.

One can always use dry scalp dandruff shampoo to treat this problem but before that one needs to know that what exactly can lead to a dry scalp. It can happen due to Eczema, cold and dry weather, dietary deficiencies, too much use of shampoo and using hair products which has a lot of chemicals.

Here are some things that one should take care of if they have a dry scalp.

Conditioning Treatments

Having a dry scalp means the scalp is not producing enough oil which is known as sebum. This makes you hair looks dull and the scalp turns flaky and itchy. So try to give your scalp the nourishment that it needs. Try to give it some deep root conditioning. You can give your scalp some hot oil treatment. But make sure that the oil should not be too hot when you apply it. Use it twice a week on your scalp as it helps to moisturise the scalp and soothe it. The use of hot oil can also make the brittle hair supple and healthy.

Switch you shampoo

Dry scalp can happen due to regular use of harsh shampoos. This also leads to a flaky scalp. Try to use a gentle shampoo for your scalp and try to wash your hair with normal to cold water. Do not use too much of hot water on your scalp. One can use shampoo ketomac if they have too much of dandruff problems. But it is always a good idea to mix this shampoo with a regular mild one to use it together. Try not to use too much of hair gels, sprays, mousses and heat appliances like blow dryers and hair dryers which can make the scalp even more dry.

Scalp Massage

If you dry scalp is producing white flakes, then try a gentle scalp massage once in a while. You can do that while applying hot oil to your scalp. When the massage is done, the blood circulation becomes active on the scalp.

Change in Diet

One needs to add a lot of Vitamin B (especially Vitamin B6 and B12) in their diet to make their scalp feel better. One needs to have a lot of vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grain breads and cereals in their regular food habit. Remember, eating wrong can always lead to white flakes and dry scalps. It is also important to cut down the salt and alcohol intake and increase the intake of omega 3 fatty acids. This will hydrate the skin from inside and will keep your scalp moisturised.

If these basic things are followed, one can get rid of dry scalp.

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