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Inexpensive Basement Ceiling Options


If your finished basement ceiling comes with dilemma of unpleasant maze of plumbing pipes, wires, structural bracing and ductwork, it’s high time to transform its gloomy look into sightly, smooth, uninterrupted ceiling, improve its acoustics, insulation and moisture resistance. As it’s rather typical to plan the costs to finish basement without considering budgeting in a lot for ceilings, discover the most affordable options to liquidate this unpleasant eyesore and add value to any existing finishing plans.

– Spray painting work is extremely cost-effective and the fastest solution, appropriate for urban spaces converted to coffee houses and shops.

– Sheet paneling is efficient alternative for an entirely unfinished basement ceiling, especially if you don’t care of the look of your basement.

– Wood planks are the least expensive option that can be painted in any colour you wish. It’s an excellent solution to get a new surface without losing ceiling height, to hide popcorn ceilings and cover damaged drywall or plaster.

– Corrugated metal is popular alternative for traditional ceiling materials. Purchase recycled metal tiles from barns to gain rustic look or ultra-modernist feel for garage or basement ceiling. Metal tiles reflect light, making it ideal for normal height or low ceilings.

– PVC tiles are extremely durable vinyl material that is water-mildew, and mold-resistant, as well as lightweight. It mimics other materials, from particle board to tin or copper. It can be directly attached to plywood or drywall base, moreover, it won’t sag.

– Tin tiles are hardly a new idea to create classy, classic living space. The thin material makes it easier to add insulation with minimal height degradation.

  • Drywall installation

    is an excellent technique for hiding pipelines or beam of lights and providing proper insulation as well.

  • The installation of drop ceiling provides complete hiding of pipes and ductwork and excellent ability to absorb sounds and noise. The pros of such ceiling are easiness of installation and removal (in case of extra repairs) due to the light weight of this cost-efficient material.

– Stretch ceiling offers excellent soundproofing options and unique ability to form unusual shapes, provides colours and lighting options that’s impossible to replicate with paint and traditional lighting. Create arches and domes with no visible light source. It’s a perfect idea for home theaters.

Even if you’re limited in budget, you don’t have to leave your basement area unfinished and unused, as there are a lot of inexpensive solutions for your basement renovation project.

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