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The Rising Popularity of the Nuclear Bunker


Rising tensions between the ‘Superpowers’ – United States and Russia, not to mention the unstable situation on the Korean Peninsula, have led to a rise in the sales of underground bunkers. Since the 1980’s many nuclear war survival bunkers have fallen into a state of disrepair. The end of the cold war in 1989, led to alarm systems being dismantled (although some still remain if you know where to look, but are no longer in service).

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Nowadays, sirens wouldn’t be any use anyway, as the rising popularity of double glazing means that many people probably wouldn’t hear it! The knowledge that the end of the world was about to happen would probably be spread to the general population by text message – probably the last text message you would ever receive, as you can kiss modern day technology goodbye once a nuclear bomb has been detonated – if you do survive the initial blast, modern day technology – such as internet based phone systems from a wholesale voip termination provider, mobile phones, and televisions will be completely obsolete. Survival experts agree that the best way to keep receiving information from the Government (if there is any form of government left of course) is good old-fashioned battery powered radio.

This is why many people have decided that a bunker is the best chance of survival – they do provide much better protection from both the initial blast of the nuclear bomb and the nuclear fallout caused by the weapon. Since the 1980s, bunker technology has come on, there are a few companies who can supply you with your very own ready-made bunker, and survival bunkers are now routinely fitted with state-of-the-art air filtration systems, and the modern-day bunkers owned by the super-rich are nothing short of complete underground luxury! Some even come complete with their very own swimming pool and of course a fully stocked wine rack. So, if you have a spare few million and want to spend the apocalypse in the ultimate luxury, it may be well worth the investment. Especially if someone gets a bit trigger happy with nuclear weapons!

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