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Make Difference This Christmas With Charity Gift Cards


Christmas is one of the most auspicious occasions in the world. Celebrated by millions of people across the world, Christmas is a time of the year where people from all walks of life set their differences aside and join together in order to pray for a better tomorrow. Parents often buy presents for their children, and children spend their whole day unwrapping their gifts and playing with them. It is a family holiday on which most people prefer spending time with their close ones. People often travel from different parts of the globe in order to spend Christmas with their families.

However, not everybody can afford such luxury. In many parts of the world, underprivileged families often have to spend Christmas with very little. These people don’t have enough money to feed themselves properly, which makes it virtually impossible for them to buy presents or gifts for their children. However, there are plenty of non-profit governmental organisations that provide assistance to such families, often with the money they receive from donations. If you are willing to contribute a little bit to such families, buying charity gifts and greeting cards is a great idea.

For instance, Oxfam, an Australian charitable organisation, offers Oxfam Unwrapped Christmas cards for donors to purchase. These cards are slightly more expensive, but the proceeds from the sales are directly used to help underprivileged families. If you want to make a difference this Christmas, here’s what you need to do.

Find a Reliable Organisation

Before you make a donation to any organisation, make sure that the organisation is registered and that you will get tax benefits. Donations and charities are often tax deductible, especially if the organisation is registered with the government. Make sure you donate only to an organisation that is registered with the government and has a reputation for transferring a higher percentage of all the donations they receive.

Buy a Card

You can easily buy Christmas gifts and cards over the Internet. Many organisations such as Oxfam Unwrapped have now made it tremendously easy for customers to buy gifts and cards on the Internet. These organisations provide detailed information on their websites about how your donation will be used. Many organisations also have their own stores and even offer shopping by phone. In fact, if you are running out of time and are in a hurry to receive a card, you can also buy a print at home version and simply use your printer to get the card out.


Apart from simply buying a card, you can also buy a gift. Most companies offer plenty of different gift choices to their customers, allowing them to make a selection from a diverse list of choices. You can choose from agricultural gifts or a variety of different corporate gifts as well. Many companies buy corporate gifts in bulk for their employees on such auspicious occasions in order to support their cause and donate as much as possible.

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