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Making The Most Of Whistler’s Summer Festival Season


Whistler is one of the best places to visit during the summer. Many festivals occur during that time. When traveling to and from Whistler, however, proper transportation is needed. Ride Booker provides efficient transportation to various locations in from Vancouver to Whistler; this Whistler transportation company is highly recommended.

Depending on the time of the year tourists visit Whistler, there will be different festivals. During the month of June, the city has a Marathon. The event takes place in a fantastic location; the race is very challenging because runners travel on a long course; Along the course, runners run through a village. Locals and tourists enjoy cheering the runners as they run along the scenic route. The marathon is a very popular event, so tourists and locals that want to compete need to get there early.

Tourists and locals also enjoy the tough obstacle course called the Tough Mudder. This particular course the one of the toughest courses around. The course challenges stamina and strength. Although the course is tough, it is fun because everyone works as a team. The British Special Forces designed the course, and this is the reason why it is so tough.

Whistler also has festivals for kids. The festival occurs during the weekend. Kids will get to work on art projects with professional artists. The biggest benefit of the children’s festival is that the activities online gambeling will be free. At the event, kids will have a great time because they will spend time with musicians and many characters. Overall, it is a good family event; it is a great way to spend the afternoon due to the mountain air.

There are also events for sport fans at Whistler; the event is called the Kokanee Crankworx. This particular event occurs during the month of August. It is not a one day event; the festival takes place on the ninth and lasts for ten days. During the festival, tourists and locals enjoy the stunts of the best mountain bikers and downhill bikers in the world.

Another great event that occurs at Whistler is called Ironman Canada. This event happens during the summer, and it is a racing event. At the event, racers travel along mountain roads and various trails. Although this particular racing event is great, locals also visit Whistler to enjoy the RBC GranFondo event. Each year, this racing event consists of 7000 bikers. During the race, bikers have to climb a highway. Tourists and locals enjoy the event as competitors and spectators. Because the event is popular, booking earlier is highly recommended.

Whistler also has many more fantastic festivals, but proper transportation is needed. Ride Booker is one of the best Whistler transportation options. Tourists and locals use this company when they need transportation from Vancouver to Whistler.


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