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The Top Mistakes Students Make When Choosing An English School


Every student wants to make the most out of their learning experience at an English school. But if the school is not carefully considered, students may find themselves frustrated, unsatisfied, and even disengaged from their learning.

Choosing the right English school can be stressful, particularly as many of the English school websites are written in a language which you do not yet fully understand. In order to make the most out of your learning experience, we have put together a list of the mistakes you need to avoid when selecting the right school for you.

Making Quick Decisions

Now is the time to be selfish about your wants and needs. If you have a particular learning style, or if you are looking for one or more certain opportunities at a school, continue to look for that school. There is no shortage of English schools here in the UK, and one will be able to provide you with the learning experience you want.

Following a Friend

What may be the best learning environment for your boyfriend, girlfriend or best friend may not be the best learning environment for you. Travelling overseas and being in a new area can be scary, but the best English schools will make sure that you feel welcomed and comfortable from the moment you walk onto the school’s campus.

Not Paying Attention to the School’s Location

Where the school is located will have a major impact on how much you enjoy your learning experience. If you are a quieter individual who enjoys a more peaceful atmosphere, then choosing a school outside of downtown areas will likely work best. If you want to get the full cultural experience of an area while also having ample opportunities to test your English skills, however, having a school which is as centrally located in the heart of a city is essential.

Not Visiting the School

The school you are considering may have lots of pictures posted online of their campus, classrooms and the school. Visiting the school itself will allow you to truly experience it and will give you the sense of whether or not the school is best for you learning and social needs.

While you are visiting the school, the teacher or guide will provide you with the opportunity to speak to students and staff. Have a list of questions which are important to you ready to ask them during your visit.

Using the Internet as Your Only Resource

The Internet is loaded with important information about English lessons in London and which schools are the best providers. But if English is not your strong suit, you may miss some of the important information provided on the school’s website, on school review websites, and more.

If you are interested in a school, do not be afraid to give them a call. Many have toll-free phone numbers and, if you struggle with English, many schools will use an interpreter so that you receive all of the important information you need to decide which school is right for you.


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