Take a fresh look at your lifestyle.

A Healthy Diet Leads To A Healthy Body


We all aspire to live healthy lifestyles but how many of us can really hold our hands up and say that we live the perfect healthy lifestyle?  Even if we don’t live a healthy lifestyle 24 hours a day as long as we follow some healthy rules then we can ensure that we give our health and body the best chance of survival.

They do say “what you put into your body is what you will bring out” and this can be very true, if for example you live on an unhealthy diet of junk food, alcohol and cigarettes all the time then eventually you body will start showing outward signs of being poorly, your skin will look dull and pale, your hair will also look very unhealthy and your teeth, eyes and nails will all give signs that your body really is not responding well to  the unhealthy intake of this poor diet.

Foods that Benefit Your Body.

There are however as well as healthy foods that will always have a good effect on your body, certain foods that can help particular parts of your body.

 For instance it is a known fact that certain types of fish are very good for the brain because of the minerals and vitamins that they contain.

 Calcium that is found in dairy products especially milk can be most beneficial for our teeth and bones as the calcium is the main thing that keeps our teeth and bones strong.

Natural Carbohydrates will give our bodies the energy and fuel it needs to keep going all day, but you have to make sure that it is not the simple carbohydrates that are made up of sugar as these will only give you a short rush of energy and are not very good for you, it is the complex carbohydrates that you will find in potatoes, rice and cereals and bread, preferably wholemeal.

Eggs, meat, beans lentils nuts and rice are just a few of the foods that will supply our body with the protein it needs to fight off infection and disease and also greatly help in the repair and growth of our muscles, cells and tissues and are vital for us to maintain good health.

Apart from a healthy diet, it is also important that we keep our body in good shape and exercise is vital to a healthy body, as well as making sure we maintain a healthy body weight, keeping our body well exercised will help it function much better and of course exercise is vital for a healthy heart as the heart is probably one of the most important organs in our body so it makes sense to make sure we keep it as healthy as possible.

It is never too late to change your lifestyle and by making a few simple decisions this can have a great effect on your well being, a half hour stroll every day and eating more fresh fruit and vegetables is a great way to start on the road to a healthy body.


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