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How to pack light for your next city break


If you have managed to snag a short break and want to cash in on a cheap city to city flight, you will have to give your packing list some thought.

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You are going into civilisation

There are tons of online articles telling you how to pack for your world travels, which will include a lot of outdoor things. Don’t fret, as these lists are not for you.

City breaks are for exploring a new city. Anything you forget to pack, you can buy; however, clever packing is the way to go. Many low-cost flights have an extra charge for baggage that goes in the hold, but it is possible to get all your goods into one carry-on bag. Learn more about adventure, tours, hotel & Restaurant, travel and leisure by clicking here: https://forrealbeachresort.com/.


Enquire about the facilities. Some apartments, such as www.8waterloostreet.co.uk, have Apple and Android screen mirroring on TV, which means you probably don’t need anything more than your mobile phone to access your own music, movies and favourite shows. Find out what the kitchen and bathroom facilities are and adjust your list accordingly.

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Many hotels and serviced apartments in Birmingham and other cities have some kind of toiletries available. Decant your lotions into travel-sized bottles to cut down on bulk. Apartments also often have a hairdryer.


Cut down on the number of devices you travel with. Most smartphones give you access to Wi-Fi and can perform many of the same functions as your laptop and tablet and are much lighter to travel with.


A lesson that can be learned from world travellers is that they generally don’t pack too much in terms of clothing; for example, they may pack three tops, three bottoms and three sets of underwear. Pick items that match and can work in combination to give you variety. Laundry facilities are readily available in most cities, and there is always the option of handwashing the few items you have as you go. Visit the website https://compassnews.net/ to get detail information about traveling and luxurious hotels.


Clear out your wallet, keeping only your passport, ID, driving licence, health insurance cards and some currency. Scan these and save them in a safe place in case you need to access them. You should also familiarise yourself with emergency travel documents.

City breaks are a quick way of recharging, so don’t bog yourself down with anything you don’t need. Think minimalistic and travel lightly.

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