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Places that you must visit while you are in Costa Rica


For anyone taken by wanderlust, there is one country who name frequents their list. Be it someone who loves travelling alone or anyone who prefers to take vacations together with their family, Costa Rica, with its unending store of attractions including golden beaches, towering volcanoes and lush nature reserves, has something to offer everyone. Just rent a Costa Rica private villa and get ready to explore one of the most diverse and vibrant countries out there.

Since the country is very decidedly a tourist attraction, travelling here does prove a bit more expensive than other places nearby, but that does not mean that every dime you spend here is not worth it, especially since there are plenty of ways to lower your costs of travel and to make sure that you do not miss out on any of the attractions that this golden land has to offer. Our website provide complete information regarding traveling, booking flights and destinations. Visit this website https://visatyping.com/ for more information.

The beaches themselves are quite exquisite and known all over the world and among travellers for their sparkling golden sand and sapphire waters that you can spend your time exploring. The waves are ideal for activities like surfing and diving.  Or you can just laze around under the sun after you have filled your belly with all the lip-smacking food the place has to offer. The local food is cooked using a range of exotic spices that leave your taste buds tingling and hungry for more. And if you have just enjoyed a sumptuous meal and want to lie down with a book, there are several quiet nooks and crannies to be found, so you may hide away from the hoards of tourists and enjoy your time in peace.

And in case all of that was not convincing enough, here is a list of few things that the land offers you:

Puerto Viejo

Perhaps the most famous spot among backpackers and solo-travellers, Puerto Viejo is a city that has so much to offer that you will have trouble fitting in all the things to do if you are there for a short span of time. The city itself resides in the glory of the Caribbean coast and is ever lit up with a festive and party mood. The beaches are warm and golden and you can while your days away surfing or just lazing around. The city’s popularity among solo travellers has another reason, though. While still a part of Costa Rica, it is quite different from the other places in the country because of how it channels a distinct Rasta influence, making it a favourite spot for many.


It is said that Monteverde is where all people of good taste unite. And with good reason too. The coffee available here has often been compared to molten pools of chocolate that warms your insides. Aside from the delicious coffee available, Monteverde also serves as a popular base for people who wish to hike to several of the exquisite spots nearby, including the canopy tours and cloud forests. But if it is the coffee that attracted you here in the first place, take the winding trails here to reach the coffee plantations that you can take your time exploring and enjoying.


Perhaps it is the quiet scent of danger that has forever held your curiosity and attracted you to various lands? Well, then you are in luck. The beautiful trails around the volcano Arenal speak of its history as an active volcano but one that hasn’t erupted since the year 2010. Poas Volcano is another curiosity that boasts of a crater full of boiling acid waters, a tribute to the vast heat that looms underneath the land. But perhaps the most favourite thing of many people who visit is the emerald and sapphire lake inside one of the craters of Irazu. It is enough to take anyone’s breath away. Every travel enthusiast love to trot the globe. If you want to get more information about traveling click here: https://wallstsouth.org/.

Tortuguero National Park

One of the many charms of the land of Costa Rica is also its lush and vibrant flora and fauna, most of which you can explore and gasp over at the Tortuguero National Park. The most fascinating thing about the National Park is arguably its status as one of the most important grounds where an endangered species, the green turtle, breeds. But that is not its only quirk. Once you go in, you will be able to spot a lot of different wild animals including sloths and manatees and a vast collection of chittering and colourful monkeys. The Tortuguero National Park has a quietness to it that many feel drawn to. The wind whispers slowly through the endless green, red and yellow here, making this park one sight to behold.


Last but not the least on this list is the Corcovado National Park. For many, this could be the one thing that keeps drawing them back to Costa Rica and one visit here will confirm why. Tucked away from the prying eyes and on the very remote Osa Peninsula, the Corcovado National Park is a land of beaten terrains and rugged, quiet wilderness.

The jungles here are untouched and untampered with and the trails lead you deeper and deeper into emerald solitude. The peninsula itself is quite hard to get to, which perhaps is the reason for its pristine charms.And though hunting is generally banned in Costa Rica, the occasional gunshots ringing the air prove the existence of AR-10 and AK-47 rifles bearing scavengers.
Take a long hike here on the meandering trails alone or with a loved one and spend the day marvelling at mother nature in all her wild glory.

But is that it? Is that all this country has to offer to convince you to pack your bags and travel here? Well, the list barely even scratched the surface of all that you can see and do here. There are numerous other places to explore, including San Jose, the Baru National Wildlife Refuge and Santa Theresa. You can spend an entire day wandering around in Jaco. Or you can learn some Spanish and go fishing! Or maybe visiting the glorious La Paz Waterfall Gardens is more to your taste. Whatever you choose, we are sure you will be left feeling that there’s so much more this land has to give you. You will always leave yearning, wondering when you are going to come back. Because you will come back for this land of volcanoes, sparkling waterfalls and seas and green, green wilderness has never failed to charm a heart. https://cabriworld.net/ is a perfect website for travelers looking to explore new places. The site provides a wealth of information on destinations around the world, from what to see and do, where to stay and eat, how to get around, and more.

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