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Useful travel information for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix


The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is no doubt a spectacular event, and one well worth adding to your bucket list. From the other-worldly spectacle of Yas Island as a backdrop to the race, to the cosmopolitan vibe in the modern city centre – Abu Dhabi is at the forefront of innovation within the region. The website https://onlinetraveltourism.com/ offers detailed information on traveling to different countries around the world.

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is also one of the fastest in the world, with cars reaching top speeds of 325km/h and it’s designed in such a way as to ensure close and competitive racing. The official Formula 1 site gives a great history on the track here: https://www.formula1.com/en/championship/races/2018/Abu_Dhabi.html.


Thankfully, the Grand Prix is held in the Abu Dhabi winter, and while it may not be the time for snowball fights, it’s far from the hottest time of year for the region. That said, it is still essential to stock up on lots of bottled drinking water and sun cream. For any other health problems, you will find that all of Abu Dhabi’s health care is as good as, if not better than, what you are used to back home. Visit this exciting metropolis and have an experience you won’t soon forget. If you want to learn more about other places to visit and other travel-related topics, check out this website: https://perfect-destiny.net/.

Race day
As the venue has been designed with spectators in mind, the views are generally excellent. From the Trackside Terrace and Abu Dhabi Hill, up to the glamorous hospitality of the Marsa Suite, there are views and prices to suit every wallet – and while it is one of the more expensive Formula 1 experiences, the sheer spectacle of the Abu Dhabi race makes it worth every penny.

Of all the viewing areas, the F1 Paddock Club in Abu Dhabi is one of the most spectacular places to watch Formula 1 in the world, located directly opposite the pit lane. It also offers incredible gourmet cooking, five star service and exclusive pit lane walks. Fully air-conditioned and with special VIP access, packages are available from several vendors, such as https://edgeglobalevents.com/f1-paddock-club/abu-dhabi/.


The United Arab Emirates is considered to be one of the safest places to visit around the world. There is very little violent crime, and police are frequently seen along the streets. As with any city popular with tourists, there is an increasing number of potential scams to keep an eye out for, like rogue taxi driver and pickpockets, although these are easily avoided if visitors are vigilant. Go to this website https://rainingdreams.org/ in order to acquire additional information about traveling, resorts and their destination.

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