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Prostate Cancer: Symptoms and Risks


Prostate cancer develops because of damage or inflammation to prostate gland. This gland develops some fluid in the semen. This type of cancer is treatable if it has been diagnosed earlier. It happens when the unhealthy, abnormal cells grow in prostate gland. These cells keep multiplying uncontrollably, and at times could spread in the distant or nearby areas of body.

Some of the symptoms associated with prostate cancer are:

  • May often feel like urinate, particularly at night time.
  • Difficulty in stopping or starting urine stream.
  • Interrupted or weak urinary system.
  • When coughing or laughing often leak urine.
  • While standing they feel unable to urinate.
  • During ejaculation or urination, they feel a burning or painful sensation.
  • In semen or urine, there could be blood.

These symptoms are caused because of the blockage which happened due to cancer growth. They could be caused by urinary tract infection or noncancerous prostate.

When the prostate cancer has advanced the symptoms could vary. Cost of prostate cancer treatment in India, may vary depending upon the progression of the cancer.

  • They may experience paralysis or weakness often alongside constipation in lower limbs.
  • Also could experience nausea, swelling, fatigue, vomiting, loss of appetite and weight.
  • Deep dull stiffness or pain in lower back, upper thighs, ribs, or pelvis, and also there could be pain in those areas of bones.

You must contact a doctor if you are facing these symptoms:

  • When you have problem urinating, or if your urination feels different than usual, or is painful. The doctor would examine the prostate gland, in order to identify whether the prostate gland has inflamed and enlarged with infection, or is cancerous.
  • When you feel chronic, intolerable pain in upper thighbones, pelvis, lower back, or in other bones. This pain could be cause in such areas because of different things, along with spread of it.
  • Losing weight without any specific reason, and experience loss of appetite.
  • When you experience leg swelling.
  • When there is weakness and pain in legs, and have difficulty walking, specially when you have constipation also.Prostate cancer treatment cost in India varies but is less compared to other countries, along with proper medical facilities.

Risk Factors involved with prostate cancer:

  • Age: It is particularly age dependent, which means that the chance of having prostate cancer as the age increases. The risk is more when they age above 60-70s.
  • Family History: The chances of getting a prostate cancer increases also the first degree relative male has had prostate cancer.
  • Diet: Those who consume more of dairy products and red meat, then the chances to develop prostate cancer would also increase, but this link hasn’t yet been confirmed.
  • Medication: The use of NSAID i.e. non-steroidal anti inflammatory drug, could reduce the chance of getting prostate cancer, whereas others say that risk gets higher when you use NSAID.
  • Obesity: It increases the chance to develop prostate cancer, which has the risk of also death.

If prostate cancer is earlier diagnosed, then it can be treated effectively. So if there are any such symptoms present then consult your doctor.

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